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Go Beyond Standard Instruction

With no two students being alike, we know that the ability to adapt and differentiate instruction is pivotal. To be truly successful teachers must be enabled with resources and strategies that help vary content, process, product, and environment.

Discovery Education Streaming Plus brings those supports to teachers and allows students to access information through video, audio, and interactives—while providing supportive features like closed captioning and multimodal text to enhance comprehension. Teachers can adjust the complexity, content modality, and demonstration of learning for any lesson.

For any lesson, teachers can easily adjust:

  • Complexity
  • Content modality
  • Demonstration of learning

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Differentiating Instruction Sample Pack

    • 1. Key Asset Guide: Differentiating Instruction


    • 2. Lesson Starters: Planet Earth


    3. Spotlight on Strategies: Filling the Silence

Additionally, you will get a live demo and site trial!


Get Free Resources and Live Demo

Powerful Resources and Strategies at Your Fingertips

Key Asset Guide:
Differentiating Instruction

Explore a collection of resources, strategies, and learning opportunities for effectively using Discovery Education to differentiate instruction. Includes tools for teachers and students to build knowledge, complete assignments, and showcase learning.

Content and
Lesson Starters

Our curated content collections with lesson starters jumpstart planning for teachers. Take a look at the lesson starters for our Earth content collection.

Spotlight on Strategies:
Filling the Silence

Mine the collection of research-based instructional strategies to find those that work for your students. For example, use Filling the Silence with a video segment and have students create their own narration to match the video.

See Other Ways You Can Use Streaming Plus in the Classroom

Learn more about how Discovery Education Streaming Plus can make a difference in your school or district.