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Go Beyond Core Literacy Instruction

Literacy is the foundation of learning in every subject area and across all grade levels. It is the fuel for academic growth. Help your students develop their literacy skills with focused resources specifically designed with these skills in mind.

From features like closed captioning to instructional strategies for ongoing practice to courses designed just for educators, you’ll find just what you need to work on literacy with all your students, any time.

Inside of Streaming Plus you will find resources and features that support literacy, like:

  • Ability to search by Lexile level
  • Closed captioning
  • Text-to-speech
  • Content collections for composition, grammar, literature, reading, and more

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Literacy Sample Pack

  • Key Asset Guide: Literacy
  • Literacy Lesson Starters
  • Spotlight on Strategies: Read All About It

Additionally, you will get a live demo and site trial!


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Powerful Resources and Strategies at Your Fingertips

Key Asset Guide: Literacy

With the goals of literacy being the ability to understand and be understood, Discovery Education Streaming provides resources that support both comprehension and communication.

Reading Comprehension Lesson Starters

These lesson starters look at the different ways you can analyze, predict, summarize, and even learn from all types of writing.

Spotlight on Strategies: Read All About It

Read All About It is a teaching strategy that uses summary to help students develop a better understanding of how a main idea is supported with details.

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