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July Product Updates

Discovery Education Experience

Discovery Education is excited to introduce new product updates to Discovery Education Experience designed to address the specific needs of educators and students and help prepare them for in-class, online, and hybrid learning this coming school year.

Experience, our flexible K-12 learning platform, provides compelling high-quality content, ready-to-use digital lessons, and professional learning resources to give educators everything they need to create engaging learning experiences for all students. These new updates include a redesigned MyDE Homepage for teachers, a new recommendation engine for improved personalization, and an enhanced login page for safe and LMS integration into existing teacher and student workflows.

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Redesigned MyDE Homepage for Educators

The MyDE Homepage now features a refreshed design across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices to make it easier for educators to organize, find, and utilize digital resources.
  • Tiles are now grouped into rows for clearer differentiation of content versus products.
  • Existing channels and Discovery Education resources are organized into their own rows for clearer distinction and easier navigation.
  • Rows and tiles are moveable within the homepage for increased customization.
    • Users will retain their existing resources and order until they move them.
  • A new “Recommended” row has been added to continually suggest personalized content and resources based on each user’s interests (see Recommendations feature below for more information).
  • Admin tile has been relocated to tools and resources (Discover, Teach, and Grow) and global navigation.
experience july update myde homepage

New Recommendations Feature

In response to the ever-changing needs of our educators, the Discovery Education team is continually adding, contextualizing, and organizing powerful new content and timely resources in Experience every single month.

A new “Recommendations” feature for teachers provides access to more personalized and timely content by turning the responses into a pre-populated “Recommended” row in the redesigned MyDE Homepage. Educators provide responses upon login and can revisit or revise their preferences by going to their profile and clicking “Personalization.”

experience july update recommendations

Streamlined Login for SSO Authentication

We’ve also reimagined our login screen to alleviate SSO sign-in challenges and make it easier for any user to get into service.

In addition, Discovery Education and single sign-on (SSO) portal Clever have expanded their partnership so more K-12 school systems nationwide are now able to integrate our services into their existing Clever portals for easier access to Experience, as well as STEM Connect and our Science, Social Studies, and Math Techbooks.

experience july update login

Log in to Experience now to see these updates in action or get started by requesting a demo today!

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