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Play Ball with MLB® and Discovery Education

Discovery Education and Major League Baseball® are teaming up to energize classrooms with a new series of interactive science and STEM challenges now available in Science Techbook, Streaming and STEM Connect. Inspired by baseball-themed scenarios, MLB STEM careers and real MLB statistics, students will build important STEM skills through their love of baseball.

Explore these exclusive MLB resources with an MVP trial of Science Techbook, STEM Connect and Streaming Plus.

Hit it out of the park with career connections

With an exclusive collection of MLB STEM in Action videos, students will discover a variety of STEM-focused baseball careers. Personal interviews and behind-the-scenes footage demonstrates how MLB employees have used their STEM skills and a love of baseball to secure the career of a lifetime.

In the spring of 2019, additional MLB-themed content will be added, including dynamic statistics drawn directly from StatCast. With this data, educators will be able to formulate their own everyday problems for students to solve.

Big league problem solving

Students can solve real-world questions using baseball-focused STEM Project Starters and resources loaded with interesting data from MLB:

  • How does humidity affect the number of home runs in a game?
  • How does the batter’s nervous system help him decide to swing or not?
  • In what way are the subsystems of a stadium like those in a house?

Download a sample of an MLB STEM Project Starter

Take me out to the ballgame

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Our product experts will walk you through the integration of MLB content featured in Science Techbook, STEM Connect and Streaming Plus, and show you how easy it is to implement in your classroom.