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Upcoming Live Events
for Nevada Educators

Join us for live professional learning webinars available to Nevada educators at no cost.

As an education leader, we recognize your need to focus on equitable instruction for all your students. Join us for a 60-minute session to learn how DE’s K-12 learning platform provides your teachers with authentic, real-world content, useful teaching tools, and professional learning strategies. Your educators will be equipped to engage students, address current and relevant topics, and take advantage of ready-to-use lesson activities that address all students’ learning needs.


Fall in Love with Discovery Education STEM Resources

Discovery Education’s STEM resources will make your heart go pitter-patter! We will be getting to know our popular STEM channels, virtual field trips, and STEM career resources better. Prepare to fall in love at first sight!

Math Madness: How Discovery Education Supports Math

Join us for Math Madness, a Discovery Education session focused on math instruction! This session will explore engaging strategies for teaching math concepts to your students, from basic math topics to more advanced topics. In addition, we’ll discuss how to use interactive tools and foster a positive classroom environment for math learning.

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