Single Sign-On Integrations Agreement - Discovery Education
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Single Sign-On Integrations Agreement

Single Sign-On (“SSO”) Integration Services Agreement (“Agreement”) made between Discovery Education, Inc. (“Discovery”) and Subscriber (“Subscriber”)

  1. In connection with and subject to Subscriber’s current and valid license (and/or sublicense, as the case may be) or approved trial for authorized access to one or more of the DE Services, Discovery shall provide SSO Integration Services to Subscriber in accordance with Discovery’s SSO Terms and Conditions.
    1. “DE Services” means, collectively, the following Discovery Education services:  Discovery Education Streaming, Discovery Education Streaming Plus, Discovery Education Science, Discovery Education Science Techbook, Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook and Discovery Education Math Techbook (“Subscriber License”).  “SSO Integration Services” means the process of using SSO to allow Subscriber’s licensed Users to access the applicable DE Services.

For additional information on the SSO services, please review the User Management and Integrations Overview webpage and the Single-Sign-On Authentication section of that webpage.



Last Update: 09/27/2018