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Make Every Minute Matter

Sciencex is a breakthrough K-12 science curriculum combining print and digital resources, ready-to-use instructional strategies, and the grab-and-go lab materials teachers need to make the most of every minute in the classroom. Excite students and empower teachers with model lessons, STEM project starters, and embedded standards-aligned assessments.

Everything students want and teachers need can be found in one seamless, dynamic bundle.

Richmond Heights, Miami, FL

“We were looking for tools that would revolutionize the way kids interact with instructional materials, and none that I’ve seen even come close to what this can do.”

Daniel Marcos Mateo Principal, BioTECH

Engage with Real-World Content

Engage students with Discovery Education’s world-class content, including  Mythbusters, Shark Week, World Wildlife Fund, NASA, MLB, and more! This allows diverse learners to tap into their natural curiosity about the world they live in, access high-quality resources, and find learning both relevant and fun.

Critical Thinking and Collaboration

Sciencex uses anchor and investigative phenomena-driven questions as catalysts for the inquiry process, triggering students’ natural sense of curiosity. Students demonstrate an understanding of science through engaging Hands-On Activities that reinforce the engineering design process and build critical collaboration skills.

Every Minute Matters

Sciencex provides teachers with the instructional tools and flexible resources they need to effectively implement three-dimensional learning and ensure all students have access to rich, robust content. Recognizing the reality of time constraints in the classroom, teachers are supported through literacy connections, model lesson plans, grab-and-go strategies, and a global network of educator support.

Build Confidence in Every Budding Scientist

Sciencex supports students of different abilities, learning styles, and language needs by delivering information through interactive games, multimedia resources, text-to-speech options, along with the ability to adjust Lexile levels, authentic Spanish translations, and integration with Google Translate.

Discovery Education becomes one of the first to earn Cognia STEM Provider Certification, awarded for program quality and passionate dedication.

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