Science Techbook for Texas

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The Science Techbook for Texas curriculum has 100% TEKS and 100% ELPS coverage and scored highly on all indicators of the TRR Report.

All New Texas Curriculum​

Texas students deepen scientific inquiry with phenomena-driven lessons and embedded accessibility tools. Time-optimizing resources provide Texas teachers with more time to focus on teaching!

Why Teachers LOVE Science Techbook for Texas

Built for Texas

Discovery Education’s Science Techbook for Texas is a comprehensive core curriculum designed for Texas teachers and students with 100% TEKS alignment.

Student-Centered Learning

Science Techbook for Texas is a hands-on and immersive active learning program. Watch students transform into junior scientists and engineers through engaging real-world lessons.

Time-Optimizing Resources

Make the most of your time! Science Techbook for Texas includes intuitive digital tools that personalize the student experience and instructor resources that streamline processes.

What is Science Techbook for Texas?

Science Techbook Texas Components
Story Cards

Build Literacy Skills! In grades K-2, use Story Cards to create a foundation for upcoming concepts. Story Card units contain reading passages and activity cards with step-by-step instructor notes.


Hands-on science kits are ready-to-teach and directly support the labs and activities embedded in every Unit of Science Techbook for Texas. Kits are organized and identifiable by Unit and Concept for easy implementation.


Find engaging lessons that follow the 5E model with point-of-use teacher support, hands-on activities, interactives, auto-graded assessments, student grade book and assessment data, differentiation tools, and more.

Teacher Edition

The spiralbound Teacher Edition includes point-of-use support such as TEKS connections, differentiation, ELPS and teaching strategies, common misconceptions, lesson objectives, materials lists, sample answers, and more with QR codes that connect directly to the digital course.

Student Edition

The colorful, consumable write-in Student Edition includes reading passages, activities, formative assessments, and more with QR codes that connect directly to the digital course.

Authentic Spanish

Science Techbook for Texas is available in authentically translated Spanish to support Texas students.

tx science logic model

Science Techbook Meets Evidence-Based Standards & Funding Goals

Goal: Cultivate a high-quality digital teaching and learning ecosystem from which educators can design engaging instruction aligned to learning goals that will improve student engagement, motivation, agency, and success.

An Integrated Experience

Science Techbook for Texas connects to the most widely used systems and supports a variety of integration standards, making it easier than ever to access and manage data, content, resources, and tools.

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What Educators Say About DE

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Science Techbook for Texas has 100% TEKS and 100% ELPS coverage at all grade levels, K-8 and Biology, certified by the State Review Panels (SRPs) in the summer of 2023. Download the eligibility report here, which highlights our alignment.

Yes! This program was built exclusively for the TEKS and has 100% TEKS and 100% ELPS coverage at all grade levels.

In the accompanying print Teacher Editions, instructors will see standards at point-of-use within the lessons. Print student and teacher editions include standards in the concept openers as an additional reference point. Digitally, standards are provided within the table of contents, lesson pages, and within teacher planning and support resources. From the TOC, you can search by standard code. Within the course, students engage with course- specific core concepts, recurring themes and concepts, and scientific and engineering practices.

Yes! Science Techbook for Texas provides a complete science curriculum in English and Spanish accessible with a single click. This includes everything students will see in the core curriculum, including text, video, interactives, assessments, and more. The DE original video series Phenomena Junior in the K-5 program includes Spanish-speaking students. For grades K-8, the print Student Editions are also available in Spanish. Additionally, over 100 languages are available through Immersive Reader and Google Translate.

We also support Emergent Bilinguals with embedded listening, reading, writing, and speaking supports to help students meet grade-level science content expectations. Emergent Bilinguals will benefit from features like Immersive Reader, Interactive Glossary, authentically translated lessons, summative and formative assessments in English and Spanish, and more. Teachers can access point-of-use instructional strategies aligned to the ELPS to meet the needs of their learners and use student data to inform and differentiate instruction.

Districts may use their Instructional Materials and Technology Allotment (IMTA) to purchase Science Techbook for Texas.

Yes! Consumable write-in Student Editions and spiralbound Teacher Editions are available for grades K-8. Both the student and teacher print editions have QR codes that connect directly to the digital course. Additionally, digital content is printable.

For more information on Professional Learning, click here.

Embedded strategies for Emergent Bilinguals aligned to the ELPS are available at point-of-use within the teacher materials in print and digitally. These include guidance for linguistic accommodations (communicated, sequenced, and scaffolded) commensurate with various levels of English language proficiency as defined by the ELPS.

Numerous lessons within the concept include detailed teacher support for how they can facilitate and encourage the use of students’ first language, alongside the acquisition of the English language. These features provide four scaffolded strategies that can be employed based on the language proficiency level of the students in the classroom.

Students and instructors can also take advantage of the Immersive Reader located within the slideshow lessons and the interactive glossaries. Immersive Reader provides personalized access to the curriculum with features such as read-aloud, line focus, translation, and grammar markings, as well as the ability to adjust the size, style, and color of the font. Immersive Reader also authentically translates the text into over 100 languages. For more information on our multilingual resources, click here.

Yes! The curriculum is a research-backed, TEKS-aligned, blended science curriculum custom-built for Texas for the new 2024 science proclamation. The pedagogy of the program is grounded in the 5E instructional model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate). DE’s 5E-based science curriculum provides rigorous, hands-on, and digital activities that connect students to the real world around them.

Discovery Education’s product and research teams conducted over 25 studies with thousands of teachers, administrators, and curriculum directors to inform the development of Science Techbook for Texas. These research activities included market and product research on instructional needs, in-field feedback sessions with administrators and teachers, interviews, quantitative studies, and prototype testing.

Discovery Education Professional Learning supports educators from implementation and throughout the life of the adoption. Expect training that is effective, relevant, and easy to customize just the way you need it! Our Professional Learning is developed by classroom teachers, and we prioritize content that is relevant to teachers’ current classroom needs. Topics include planning lessons, implementing instructional strategies, collecting data on student learning, and engaging students with high-quality materials. To meet the needs of instructors, we offer one-on-one and small-group options, both in-person and remotely.

The advantage to adopting Science Techbook for Texas is that in addition to covering 100% of the TEKS and the ELPS, our curriculum brings you exciting benefits such as frequent and relevant updates based on partner feedback over the course of the adoption cycle, as well as flexibility with product bundles that meet your district needs. Quick updates based on partner feedback, new product and user research, technology updates, new scientific discoveries, current events, and more are possible with Science Techbook for Texas.

Students are introduced to a real-world science phenomenon in the Engage portion of the 5E instructional model. Phenomena are introduced in one of four ways – hands-on activities, video, images, or scientific text. This relevant phenomena-based activity excites students as they get ready to explore the science concept under study. Students gather evidence to make sense of the phenomenon through hands-on activities, interactives, videos, and grade-level appropriate scientific texts. Multiple opportunities support students’ meaningful sensemaking through reading, writing, thinking, and acting as scientists and engineers. Students revisit the phenomenon while completing Phenomenon Check-ins throughout the program, giving them opportunities to develop an understanding of the science concepts.

Yes! Students investigate the Concept Phenomenon through hands-on activities and interactives. Science Techbook for Texas intentionally allows students to build their conceptual understanding through active learning before they read about the scientific ideas related to the phenomenon.

Science Techbook for Texas includes a wide variety of technology tools and instructional strategies that save both teachers and students time,
including a Lexile toggle that changes the Lexile of the student narrative, Immersive Reader for K-5 lesson slideshows and the K-8 and Biology Interactive Glossary, text-to-speech, highlighting and notetaking tools, point-of-use differentiation strategies for approaching learners, advanced learners, and emerging bilinguals, ELPS support strategies, SOS instructional strategies, and common student misconceptions.

The Explore More Resources section allows instructors to assign TEKS-aligned activities and resources that focus on Concept Background, Reinforcement, and Extension. Resources are designed to be completed independently by students.

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