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Bring Discovery VR Into the Classroom

For more than 30 years, Discovery has transported viewers around the world and sparked curiosity at every turn. Entering a new chapter with Virtual Reality (VR), Discovery is taking its audience to new worlds like never before – immersing our audiences in time, space, and story.

Discovery Education now offers teachers the opportunity to engage your students with 360 degrees of real world video content to take them to new depths, new heights, and a whole new immersive level of learning.

VR in the Classroom: Get Started Today

Virtual Reality opens up new worlds of learning. As VR continues to evolve, its use in the classroom to support instruction will continue to evolve as well. Be part of this exciting journey and get started today!

VR Virtual Experiences

Students can use VR in the classroom to virtually experience events and perspectives that they’ve never seen before. Have students observe, ask, and answer questions together in a Think-Pair-Share exercise.

Get started: Share Adventure—On the Board with a Big Wave Pro with your class. Have students use the Think-Pair-Share activity to discuss the role both force and gravity play in riding a big wave. Have students first make observations. Next, have them pair with their seat partners and share the observations that they made during the virtual experience. Each pair should create a model to explain the role that different forces play in riding a big wave.

VR Virtual Explorations

Use VR in the classroom to virtually explore new destinations, places, and people. Have students observe, ask, and answer questions together in a See-Think-Wonder exercise.

Get started: Share the video Protecting Costa Rica’s Rainforests. Have students perform the See-Think-Wonder activity as they view the experience. Then, have students develop an explanation for why Costa Rica has such great biodiversity, citing specific examples that they observe.

VR Compare/Contrast

Use virtual reality video to compare and contrast different places, experiences, and events. Have students make observations, and compare and contrast them.

Get started: Share the video Survivorman—Swamp Rules with students. Have them use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the ecosystem they observe in virtual reality to the ecosystem in which they live.

Experience Discovery Education Science Techbook™ in Action

Learn more about what it’s like to teach and learn inside of a Science Techbook classroom – we give you the full 360° view.

Watch the 360° Video   Learn More

Accessing Discovery VR Videos for your Classroom

Three Ways to Bring VR Into Your Classroom

1) Desktop

Watch on any computer and in most modern browsers for a full 360 degree experience. Click below to view some VR videos that will enrich your classroom instruction and emerge your students in the learning process.

2) Mobile

Give your students an even further enhanced viewing experience. Invite students to bring in their smart phones or tablets and download Discovery VR at no cost from the app store.

We suggest any videos listed above and under the categories of Mythbusters, Racing Extinction, Wildlife, and Planets.

3) Mobile + VR Viewing Device

For a full VR experience, pair a smart phone with a VR viewing device using the Discovery VR app and students can jump into a true VR viewing opportunity. Cardboard goggles are an inexpensive alternative to more sophisticated VR viewing devices.

Racing Extinction in VR

Take a virtual look into one of the most significant scientific challenges facing this generation.

Discovery Channel presented Racing Extinction to a global audience to examine biodiversity loss, its effect on humanity, and the solutions that inspire hope for a more sustainable future. Get your students involved in these important topics with these exclusive VR videos.

Watch These Now:

Protecting Costa Rica’s Rainforests

The Fight to Save Threatened Species

Learn More About the Basics of Virtual Reality

Watch Discovery Education's Hall Davidson go over some of the basics of Virtual Reality:

Want to understand more about Virtual Reality and share some of the technology behind it with your students?

Download the Discovery Virtual Reality Q&A