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Discovery Education Success Stories

For decades, education leaders across the nation have trusted Discovery Education as a dedicated partner in ensuring the success of students and teachers. Learn more about these success stories that celebrate educators’ impact in STEM learning, hands-on, cross-curricular instruction, and bringing real-world connections into classrooms through meaningful, relevant content. 

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Classroom Application
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verona success story card
Creating a Stronger Learning Community through Virtual Field Trips​
Read about how Verona Area School District uses Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips to build student...
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A Snapshot of Discovery Education's Impact
For decades, Discovery Education has been making a lasting impact on student success around the world....
cherokee county story card
Making a Change in STEAM Culture​
See how Georgia's Cherokee County School District is creating meaningful STEAM learning with use of Discovery...
st vrain valley story card
Building 21st-Century Skills Through Hands-On STEM Instruction
Read about how Colorado's St. Vrain Valley Schools utilizes Discovery Education resources to provide...
miami dade story card
Bringing Standards-Aligned Curriculum to All Students​
Learn how Discovery Education partnered with Miami-Dade to increase student engagement and build teacher...
park ridge story card
Focus on STEM Drives Student Engagement and Achievement​
Read about a two-year study of Discovery Education STEM and professional learning resources' impact on...
pine lake story card
STEM Support Creates a Dynamic Magnet Program​
Read how Discovery Education STEM content helped create a strong magnet program at Pine Lake Elementary.

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