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Social Studies Techbook

Understand the past, question the present

Your Primary Source for the Social Studies Classroom

Discovery Education’s Social Studies Techbook offers a standards-aligned, inquiry-based learning experience. It fosters literacy and critical thinking through the 5Es: Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, and Evaluate. From ancient cultures to current events, it transforms learning into engaging, real-world experiences.

Experience Immersive History

With Social Studies Techbook, students don’t just learn about history. They experience it through project-based learning, inquiry, and civic engagement. This online social studies textbook pairs compelling core content with thought-provoking essential questions, primary source analysis, and project-based tasks.

Human rights defender Ka Hsaw Wa tells his emotional story.

Watch "Perspectives on the War of 1812."

Build Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Multiple perspectives are infused into a seamless narrative as historical events are presented without bias and with authentic voices. With Discovery Education’s digital social studies textbook, students gain appreciation and empathy as they learn history through a variety of voices in a safe, collaborative learning environment. Thousands of carefully curated primary and secondary sources are coupled with focused analysis activities to promote critical thinking.

Bring History to Life for All Learners

Every student learns in their own way. Social Studies Techbook is specifically developed for diverse student audiences and curated by experts for ease of access. High-quality, multimodal content is essential to improving academic vocabulary, breaking down barriers to learning, providing all students multiple ways to shine, and engaging students in higher-level thinking. Meet the unique needs of your students with a variety of differentiation tools integrated at point of use. Access two Lexile levels of core content, authentic Spanish translation, 180 additional languages available through Google Translate, and strategies for teaching students with special needs and English learners.

See Social Studies Techbook's seamless and subtle differentiation in action.

Fairfax County Public Schools, VA
“Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook is a game-changer. It's the best curriculum resource I've seen in 14 years for our academic domain.”

Our Unique Approach to Social Studies

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Available Courses

Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook is available in the following courses:

  • World Geography and Cultures
  • World History
  • U.S. History I — Prehistory to Reconstruction
  • U.S. History II — Civil War to Present
  • U.S. History — Prehistory to The Progressive Era
  • U.S. History I — Prehistory to Present
  • Civics and Government
850x850 social studies courses
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Supporting Learner Variability

Core Interactive Text is available in multiple reading levels as well as in Spanish. Students can highlight text, add sticky notes, have the text read aloud, or print content to paper.

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High-Quality Online Social Studies Instructional Resources

Teachers can save valuable time with model social studies lessons, interactive tools and activities, document-based investigations, and both formative and summative assessments.

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Current Event Incorporation

Through our partnership with news leader MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Discovery Education offers Global Wrap, a weekly news summary that recaps news of the week from around the world in terms students understand.

850x850 social studies incorporate current events
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Inquiry-Based Instruction

Thousands of carefully curated primary and secondary sources are coupled with focused analysis activities to promote critical thinking.

850x850 social studies print support

Using Social Studies Techbook to Set Up Student Success

Social studies instruction is meaningful when students recognize the importance and relevance of the knowledge and skills they are acquiring, and when instruction develops the skills they will use later in life as citizens and scholars. Learn how Social Studies Techbook helps educators instill vital content knowledge in students through digital social studies textbooks.


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