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DreamBox Reading Helps Students Become Lifelong Readers

DreamBox Reading meets students where they are using targeted personalization and ensures students in every grade have the support they need to become proficient and confident readers.

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DreamBox Reading Park Pos

Personalized Foundational Reading Instruction

DreamBox Reading Park helps young readers develop phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, and fluency skills within a playful learning environment.

  • Unparalleled adaptivity: The program interprets student learning in the moment and fine-tunes instruction to build confidence and skills mastery.
  • Address learning in the moment: Continuous embedded assessment analyzes each student’s engagement across key foundational skills and concepts.
  • Research-based curriculum: The program meets the foundational reading standards for K–2 and Level IV evidence requirements in compliance with ESSA.
DreamBox Reading Plus Pos

Personalized Silent Reading Instruction

DreamBox Reading Plus is a personalized learning solution that improves silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and motivation.

  • Cultivate proficient readers: Engaging content, personalized instruction, and scaffolding supports all students in building oral and silent reading fluency.
  • Get a full view of student achievement: Reading Plus personalizes instruction based on the InSight Assessment, in-product formative assessments, and a complete suite of actionable reports.
  • Extend teaching resources: Integrated teaching tools, video tutorials, writing prompts, and lesson plans support direct instruction and differentiation.
  • Effective and research based: DreamBox Reading is proven effective. Students can achieve 2.5 years of growth in just 60 hours of personalized instruction.

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