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Waterford Graded School District Students Using DreamBox Reading Averaged 3.2+ Reading Level Gains

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Waterford Graded School District

Waterford, Wisconsin

Waterford Graded School District comprises three PK-5 elementary schools and one 6-8 middle school. District educators strive to close the achievement gap (measured as on-track to graduation) and accelerate the academic growth of its students. One tool teachers use to achieve that goal is DreamBox Reading.

DreamBox Reading continually collects student data and one of the most impressive features, according to educators, is SeeReader, where the program tracks a student’ independent reading rate. It then adapts to each student’s abilities, giving them the right lessons at the right time.

DreamBox Reading's Impact

Waterford has found that DreamBox Reading helps them meet the needs for student intervention and accelerated student enrichment.  As an intervention tool, DreamBox Reading provides intervention for students who need help beyond the universal level in fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, stamina and even motivation.  On the other hand, for gifted students, DreamBox Reading adapts to higher reading levels that challenge their abilities.

We use DreamBox Reading as a tool for closing achievement gaps in reading as well as a tool to promote academic growth in our most accelerated learners.
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Jane Aegerter
Director of Student and Staff Services

DreamBox Reading recommends to educators that students complete 80+ lessons in a year to see the biggest gains. Students at Waterford Graded School District certainly grew in the 2021-22 school year. Those who completed 80+ lessons grew an average of 3.2 reading levels. Additionally, those who completed 100+ lessons averaged 4.0 reading level gains.

Aegerter knows that DreamBox Reading is working because it does what it says it will when students use it the recommended amount. It even helps improve fluency when students can’t complete the recommended lessons.

DreamBox Reading levels the playing field among the students. All groups, from below-level to accelerated students, use DreamBox Reading, and the results speak for themselves.

If you look at our data, students who have an opportunity to interact with DreamBox Reading for the prescribed amount of time have made tremendous growth; up to five [reading] levels. The students who are not able to interact with the program as much as we would hope are still seeing wonderful growth.
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Jane Aegerter
Director of Student and Staff Services

2021-2022 Average Reading Level Gains

Along with the proven student growth, educators appreciate the professional development and availability of DreamBox representatives in implementing the program.

Ongoing professional development is in the works for fall to keep everyone up to date on the nuances, new features and to review last year’s data. All staff have embraced the value of DreamBox Reading and are open to finding new ways to ensure students have the time and space to complete as many lessons as possible to reach their full potential.

Working with DreamBox has been a dream, quite frankly. [Reps] have supported our district by conducting both virtual and in-person training for our teachers several times. It’s not a one-and-done experience.
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Jane Aegerter
Director of Student and Staff Services

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