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Pivot Interactives by Discovery Education

Science practices are no longer just for lab time. Transform science instruction with this online science supplement that helps teachers provide more phenomena-based, active learning, without adding to their plates! With 500+ interactive activities for grades 6-12, students will see, measure, analyze, and explore science for themselves.

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Interactive Video: Chemical Impact on Heart Rate

Engaged Active Learning

Foster a love of science and integrate the science practices at every phase of the instructional cycle. More than virtual labs or simulations, our activities begin with real-world phenomena that students can observe and measure. Interactive video, peer collaboration, and prompt feedback guide them through the process of science, building models, analyzing data, and engaging in scientific discourse.

Embedded Science Practices

Enhance your curriculum and reach more students with phenomena-based interactive learning. Research-backed, adaptable activities are designed to nurture incremental skill building and develop critical thinking. Scaffolding guides students through the scientific process and targeted feedback alerts to mistakes as they are made. Both will empower independent task completion and boost students’ confidence!

pivot embedded science practices

Activity: Gravity and the Flow of Water

Activity: Applying Boyle’s Law

Efficient and Effective

Facilitate streamlined teaching and active learning with ready-to-use, standards-aligned lessons that make it easier to teach, learn, and assess the science practices. Randomization of video content and draggable tasks, combined with auto-grading and continuous feedback, deepen student engagement, and drive more authentic and positive learning outcomes while reducing demands on teachers’ time.

Transform Science Instruction

Watch students’ love of science grow as they go from active learning to achievement. Equip your teachers with dynamic tools that make teaching the science practices through unrestricted exploration of phenomena affordable, engaging, and effective.

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Pivot Interactives Library

Trade exhausting web searches and passive learning for a single online resource that teachers and students will love. Explore our rich library of 500+ standards-aligned and editable phenomena-based lessons covering all scientific disciplines.

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pivot interactives videos

Interactive Video

Interactive video sparks curiosity and engages students in observing and measuring real-world phenomena, some of which may be inaccessible to the classroom.

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Platform and Dashboards

Within our platform, teachers can create classes, invite students, assign, edit, and grade activities. View reports on onboarding, usage, standards, science practices and more. Connect with your existing workflows via rostering and LMS integrations.

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Professional Learning and Support

Flexible modules and delivery are designed to help your teachers get started with Pivot Interactives and have an immediate and ongoing impact in the classroom. On-demand learning and support resources are also available in the Help Center.

Standards Alignment

Pivot Interactives provides activities aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), as well as the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate frameworks. Activities are customizable to all state standards, and alignments to individual state standards are ongoing. Find the latest alignments here or visit the activities library to filter by standard or framework.


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Explore our core and supplemental science curriculum resources to use in harmony with Pivot Interactives and create an engaging learning experience that gets students curious!

Learn How Pivot Interactives Can Enhance Your Curriculum

Pivot Interactives gave me new tools to build a bridge between what students experienced directly and what the calculations described. I also saw the difference in much higher scores on the end-of-unit assessment.

Marta Stoeckel Tartan High School, North St Paul, MN