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Angelica, a native Spanish speaker from Tijuana, Mexico, is determined to get her high school diploma from the United States. Her goals include earning her diploma, going to college to study mathematics, and starting a teaching career. At San Ysidro Adult School, she enrolled in advanced placement classes as well as high school English classes. Reading Plus became an essential part of her journey toward English fluency.

DreamBox Reading's Impact

At first, reading was challenging for Angelica. Feeling confident in her reading comprehension took time. But her experience with DreamBox Reading helped her appreciate completing her readings. Initially, she stuck to fiction texts on the program but then found readings that could help with credits toward other classes; history selections in DreamBox Reading have been particularly helpful. “I can say that at this time, I enjoy reading,” she says. 

DreamBox Reading intelligently adapts and personalizes lessons for Angelica. It started her with beginner-level texts. As her proficiency grew, the platform upped the ante and gave her more complex reading lessons. In the beginning, she read about 80 words a minute, but now she reads and comprehends more than 180 words a minute. Within a year and a half, she had completed all DreamBox Reading grade levels. 

Angelica believes that being able to see her progress on the dashboard increased her confidence. As her confidence grew, so did her vocabulary, proficiency, comprehension, and speed. “You can see how much improvement you have [made],” she says. And she can feel the improvement when she speaks English at school and at her job. Similarly, she’s seen growth in her writing proficiency. Angelica says that in the early days of using DreamBox Reading, she would write about one paragraph that often had grammatical errors. Now she is writing essays with more certainty and ease. 

The flexibility of DreamBox Reading is also a perk for Angelica. The online platform can go anywhere:  the classroom, home, the library. So, when she had the time, she had access to her studies no matter where she was. DreamBox Reading not only helped her learn English, but it also improved her vocabulary, speed, and comprehension by helping her to identify the skills that everyone needs to read. She recommends to anyone who is considering Reading Plus to stay motivated, and you’ll be pleased with reading improvement.

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  • Sweetwater Union High School District has 32 campuses that serve 34,000+ students
  • Adult Division of the School District serves 10,000+ adult learners


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