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Career Connect provides educators with the opportunity to infuse careers into their instruction by connecting their classrooms directly with industry volunteers. These connections can nurture student curiosity and empower students to visualize themselves in the many career paths that power our world.

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Industry Insights for Everyday Learning

Career Connect is a streamlined two-way platform that connects diverse industry professionals with the workforce of tomorrow through dynamic education opportunities. Find out how employee volunteers are helping educators transform the workforce readiness conversation by leveraging real-life industry experience.

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Transform Career Readiness and Corporate Skilled Volunteering

No one tells the story of an industry better than those who are driving that industry. Today’s innovators have the power to ignite the spark of curiosity in tomorrow’s workforce through Career Connect. Career Connect makes industry connections a part of everyday learning and makes scalable, skilled volunteerism a part of everyday work.
  • Corporate Volunteers​: Career Connect offers employees an easy-to-use virtual platform to bring their expertise to classrooms across the country, inspire students from all backgrounds, and develop the future workforce.
  • Education Partners​: Built into Discovery Education’s daily learning platform, Experience, Career Connect enables teachers to browse companies, volunteers, and careers. With the click of a button, request a Career Connect virtual visit with a pre-screened professional.

21st Century Career Paths

Career Connect bridges the gap between career preparedness curriculum and firsthand industry exposure, immersing students in a wide variety of exciting career paths with help from passionate real-world experts.

Real-time Engagement

Skilled volunteers help teachers take students beyond the limits of textbooks and lesson plans with one-of-a-kind interactive learning experiences driven by innovators involved in the latest industry trends.

Seamless Access

Educators and employee volunteers can collaborate to bring industry insights into everyday learning, using an easily accessible platform that simplifies logistics through a personalized dashboard.

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“I was able to take part in a Career Connect opportunity with my 6th grade Coding and Computer Science class. Connecting with a professional in the field through a Zoom session has offered valuable insights into the daily challenges and rewards of a coding career, helping my students to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This interaction has not only broadened their understanding of the industry but has also inspired them by showcasing diverse career paths and success stories of individuals.”
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McKenna Akane
Middle School Teacher, Alberton School District, Montana
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