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Light the Path Toward a Brighter Future

This school year, Discovery Education lights the path toward a brighter future by nurturing curiosity. Our comprehensive portfolio of innovative learning solutions and teaching resources will help propel growth in every classroom, maximize educator impact, and nurture curiosity for lifelong learning.

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Propel Growth in Every Classroom​

What matters is what works. Our research-based, standards-aligned solutions have continuously been proven to accelerate student achievement. 

  • Adaptive learning solutions in ELA and Math offer differentiated learning paths and in-the-moment scaffolding to promote conceptual understanding 
  • Interactive and multi-modal learning experiences develop students’ curiosity to learn 
  • Real-world career connections bridge industry and classrooms to inspire future-ready students. 
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Educator Support that Ensures Success

Our educator resources and flexible instructional tools save teachers planning time, inspire maximal impact in the classroom, and empower teachers with: 

  • Turnkey, quality instruction and tools – grab-and-go lessons and personalized and adaptive programs 
  • Access to rich data and insights to track student progress and adjust instruction to support the needs of students 
  • Embedded supports and PD that promote teacher confidence and effectiveness. 

Innovating for the Future​

Discovery Education has been leading the way in innovation with award-winning solutions, tools, and content that equip students with essential future-ready skills, such as:   

  • Immersive Learning and AR/VR to promote curiosity of new experiences 
  • Harnessing the power of intelligent adaptive engines to personalize learning 
  • Bridging education and the workforce with real-world experiences 
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Explore Discovery Education’s Portfolio of PreK–12 Learning Solutions

Discovery Education Experience is the go-to classroom companion with high-quality, award-winning resources that help to:

  • Build knowledge and critical skills with cross-curricular, interactive content, like Virtual Field Trips, Immersive AR/VR, and resources from familiar brands.
  • Enhance instruction with grab-and-go lessons, creative tools, embedded teaching guides and strategies, and access to our extensive educator community.
  • Activate curiosity with real-world and career connections to introduce students to new people, places, and possibilities.

So much more than just practice, DreamBox Math meets students where they are with engaging and adaptive curriculum that builds critical math skills, confidence, and motivation. The program is proven-effective for intervention, remediation, and enrichment use, and provides:

  • Intelligent adaptivity to automatically differentiate and build conceptual understanding for each student
  • Comprehensive insights, offer unparalleled visibility into how students think and learn to target and individualize instruction
  • Alignments to state and national standards, core curriculum titles, and benchmark and interim assessments.

From phonics and phonemic awareness to silent reading fluency and comprehension, DreamBox Reading provides adaptive instruction and personalized intervention to develop proficient readers. 

  • DreamBox Reading Park (PreK-2) starts young readers off right, with a highly engaging approach to structured literacy. Students develop mastery over foundational skills in learning experiences built around their own progress, performance, productive struggle, and play.
  • DreamBox Reading Plus (3-12) accelerates learning in every subject by honing a student’s silent reading fluency through a comprehensive, adaptive assessment and curriculum reading solution.
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A Day in the Life of Our Educators

Follow this interactive journey to see how a classroom teacher inspires learning every day for every student.

Resources for Back-to-School Success

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