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Reaching 500,000+ Students with Innovative Digital Learning

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Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Discovery Education's Impact

In 2003, Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) saw an incredible opportunity to bring digital media into the classroom. At the time, this type of learning was still a new concept to many educators, but LPB recognized the benefit right away. The question was, how to accomplish this? They turned to Discovery Education for the answer.

We were looking for a partner who could help us bring digital media to all students and teachers in Louisiana because we felt it was an important step in the future of education. We decided that Discovery Education was the best match for us and for our teachers.
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Nancy Tooraen
Educational TV Director, Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Today Discovery Education is reaching at least half a million teachers and students in the state of Louisiana who see the benefit of having access to Discovery Education and its engaging, high-quality content. Teachers in particular appreciate how DE has evolved over the last two decades and describe it as “user-friendly, having timely information, and making teaching much easier.”

For students, it’s proven to help them catch up on content they need to learn, especially after the 2020 pandemic. LPB sees a substantial difference in success for its students because Discovery Education offers relevant information in an exciting way. In fact, DE’s format helps students to better prepare for the state test because it’s much more engaging than traditional test prep. Instead of reading a textbook or memorizing facts, today’s students need to think critically to demonstrate mastery, and Discovery Education enables that.

Lightbulb Moments

During the 2020 pandemic, Discovery Education proved to be the tool that many teachers across the state could rely on to continue the learning process with limited interruption. They discovered there was much more to the program than high-quality videos and really leveraged its capability to help them design and deliver engaging lessons that could reach students no matter where they are.

As an educator in Louisiana, I knew I could count on LPB and Discovery Education to support my classroom and library needs! The resources within Discovery Education allow me to present timely content, provide virtual experiences, and engage students in unique digital hands-on learning. I have used this program for my 26-year career. It continues to grow with the needs of the students and teachers as well as the ever-changing face of technology. Thank you LPB and Discovery Education for supporting us through the years!
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Brandi Bergeron
Academic Technology Coordinator, Louisiana

Looking Ahead

Today’s students look to technology as a fundamental tool to everyday life, and they expect it in classrooms, too. LPB continues their momentum with Discovery Education because it gives teachers the ability to bring technology into the classroom that offers multiple modalities and learning supports so all students can access information. LPB plans to continue its long-term partnership with Discovery Education because they see its value, as its usage in schools across the state continues to grow.

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  • Partnered with Discovery Education since 2003


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