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DreamBox Reading Plus by Discovery Education is an evidence-based, online program that accelerates learning by providing personalized instruction and intervention for students in grades 3-12. It can improve reading proficiency by 2.5 grade levels in a single school year.

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A 360-Degree View of Every Student in Just Minutes

DreamBox Reading Plus personalizes instruction based on the InSight Assessment, in-product formative assessment, and a complete suite of powerful and actionable reports. 

It starts with the InSight Assessment providing an adaptive assessment that provides a fast and effective way to determine students’ reading proficiency and ensure they are on the best learning path to success.

In less than one hour, educators can have a clear, comprehensive picture of students’ skills and abilities across silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and motivation. This data can inform placement and instructional intensity.


Supports Educators and Enhances Instruction

DreamBox Reading Plus helps every teacher deliver more impactful learning experiences. Blended learning resources reduce teacher prep time and enrich instructional strategies. Deep insight into student understanding and progress makes it easy to adapt instruction and better support every learner.
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Content to Support Self-Directed Learning & Exploration

DreamBox Reading Plus offers students the ability to understand the world around them through texts that reflect their own lives and experiences, and texts through which they can view the lives and experiences of others.

  • 19 reading levels ranging from early-first-grade readability through college-level texts.
  • Five levels of content for older students reading well below grade level.
  • Texts from global sources to support the expansion of cross-curricular knowledge.
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Experience the Student Journey

Dive into our interactive experience and see how our product supports diverse student personas. Discover the difference it makes.

Research & Results

Ready to see why DreamBox Reading Plus is Right for You and Your Students?

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