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Virtual Viewing Party:
Holidays around the World

On-Demand Event

This season, #CelebrateWithDE and learn about the origins, significance, and traditions of some of the world’s most-beloved holidays! In this program, explore Hanukkah, the eight-day festival of lights observed in Judaism, Christmas, a secular and Christian holiday observed on December 25, Kwanzaa, a week-long holiday honoring African culture and values, and Lunar New Year, a 15-day festival celebrating the new year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Explore the Origins and Meaning of Winter Holidays

What is a Virtual Viewing Party?

A virtual viewing party is a shared viewing experience of the Discovery Education video Celebrate with DE: Holidays around the World (Canadian Link) which highlights the following winter holidays that are celebrated around the world: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the Lunar New Year.

Thousands of classrooms simultaneously access this video and share their thoughts and reflections about different holidays around the world. If this is your first virtual viewing party read our FAQs for additional information.

The content and activities are suitable for all grades but we recommend you preview the video to determine if it is appropriate for your students.

How to Watch

We recommend you download the video, Celebrate with DE: Holidays around the World (Canadian Link), in advance of your viewing party for the most seamless viewing experience.

This video is available to all Discovery Education Streaming, Science Techbook, Social Studies Techbook, and Math Techbook customers. If you are not currently a subscriber to these services, you can sign-up for a no-obligation 60-day trial to watch the video for this event.

Viewing Party Essential Questions

What do winter holiday celebrations around the world have in common?

How does having rituals and traditions help people celebrate special days?

How do traditional celebrations grow from or help define culture?

Why do people celebrate?

Join the Discussion

What if we are participating in the on-demand event?

Your class can watch the video any time and join the discussion independently. If you are participating on-demand, you may want to have students review the Holidays around the World Padlet or Twitter discussion to compare ideas and make connections. You can also use the suggested resources below to support your discussions.

Made with Padlet

Suggested Viewing Activities

Access this collaborative board to build background knowledge and foster literacy in your students before attending the Virtual Viewing Party, or use the resources below to help them prepare.

Before the Viewing Party
We think of winter as the height of the holidays, and people around the world are celebrating and commemorating special days now and throughout the year. As we gear up for ‘the holidays’ this year, we thought it would be interesting to see what and how people around the world celebrate this time of the year.

The following resources will help your students get into the spirit-of-knowledge by jogging their holiday traditions memories.

Suggested Discovery Education Resources:
Germany, Mexico, France and United States: Winter Holidays (Canadian Link), Grades K-5
Content Collections: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, Grades K-12

During the Viewing Party
Use one of the following strategies to help your students stay engaged in the viewing party and identify areas or issues that are meaningful to them.

Get VENN-y with It (Canadian Link) is a teaching strategy that helps students identify similarities and differences by comparing and contrasting. Have students select a category for comparison before watching each video – whether holidays or food or music – and get VENN-y with it by jotting down information while watching. Add a little spark to the activity by using winter favorites (e.g., bells, pine trees, snowmen) as the overlapping shapes. Challenge students by inviting them to use more than two overlapping shapes to find commonalities among more than one thing.

After the Viewing Party
Immediately following the viewing party, have students participate in Snowball Fight (Canadian Link), a lively game that encourages students to determine and communicate the big ideas from a selected digital resource. Have students pick their favorite tradition about any holiday and send it into the snowstorm.

Finally, have students design their perfect holiday celebration, taking traditions, new ideas from the virtual viewing party, and their creativity into account. They may design their own winter holiday or simply plan the perfect celebration for one they already celebrate. Offer to share your students’ work via your personal, class, or school Twitter account. Don’t forget to share it all with us on Twitter @DiscoveryEd using #CelebratewithDE.

Studio: Holiday Resources

To make the most of the virtual viewing party with your class, use the link below to access holiday resources, which is interactive and features all of the resources and activities in one place.

Related Resources

You may also be interested in the following timely resources available from Discovery Education

Kwanzaa Traditions and Activities

Service, Video Segment [02:19], Grades K-5
This segment highlights traditional Kwanzaa activities and symbols and explains how Kwanzaa traditions relate to aspects of African-American history and culture.
(Canadian Link)

Lion dancers at Chinese New Year parade (2)

Service, Image, Grades K-12
Lion dancers are an important part of Chinese New Year celebrations. The lion in Chinese culture symbolizes power.
(Canadian Link)

Stuff You Should Know Podcast: How Hanukkah Works

Service, Audio [17:13], Grades 6-12
Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish holiday, but what’s it all about? And why do some people think of it as “Jewish Christmas”? In this episode, Josh and Chuck share Stuff You Should Know about Hanukkah.
(Canadian Link)

Through the Decades, Constants of Christmas Are Clear

Service, Video Segment [02:19], Grades K-5
Interviews individuals and families of all ages about their Christmas memories.
(Canadian Link)

Math Formula for Holiday Shopping

Streaming, Video Segment [02:19], Grades 6-12
A mathematician has devised a formula to help a woman determine how much money to spend on holiday gifts for friends and family.
(Canadian Link)

Timely Content

Each month we highlight key Discovery Education resources, lesson starters, webinars and live events thematically tied to special events, celebrations, or commemorations that you may be teaching in your classrooms.