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#CelebrateWithDE - Virtual Pi Day Party

March 14 | 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (ET)

On March 14, celebrate this intriguing mathematical constant with a virtual party. Discover instructional resources, programs, tools, and activities that explore the history of Pi and its applications in everyday life. You'll connect with classrooms across North America to showcase your own Pi Day celebrations and participate in a day-long celebration of math and science. Who knows? There may even be some pie!

What is a Virtual Party?

A virtual party, just like an in-person party, is an opportunity to get together and celebrate. Using Twitter and Facebook, throughout the day we'll be hosting a number of Pi Day activities, sharing some Pi Day facts, and celebrating math and science in everyday life.

How to Participate

Beginning 11:00 AM (ET) we'll be posting pi-themed resources, activities, jokes, and trivia on Twitter and our Facebook event page. Our schedule of activities is below but we'll be posting all day so participate when you can.

Join in the conversation by sharing your students' answers to our questions, what they think the punchline to a joke is, photos of your classroom participation, and reflections on the day using #CelebratewithDE.

Schedule of Activities

All times are ET
11:00 AM:   Pi Day Party - Welcome
11:30 AM:   Live from the National Institute of Standards and Technology - On-Demand Virtual Field Trip
12:00 PM:   What's for Lunch? Apple Pie Experiment
12:30 PM:   Happy Birthday Albert Einstein
 1:00 PM:    Pi in the Real World - Resources to show the application of Pi
 1:30 PM:    Fact or Myth: Pi in the Real World - Exploring the bendiness of rivers
 2:00 PM:    Use Pi Like a Scientist - More resources to show Pi in the real-world
 2.30 PM:    Pi Day Word Play

All resources and activities will be shared on Twitter and Facebook at the time indicated. As the event is virtual, if your schedule doesn't permit you to participate at that time, join in when you can. You'll be able to see what's been posted and join in the conversation all day long.

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