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Reading Discovery Featuring
Former First Lady Barbara Bush

Share an exciting reading experience with Former First Lady Barbara Bush and Discovery Education's Hall Davidson. Join classrooms across the globe as Mrs. Bush and students read excerpts from the award-winning book “Rushmore” and Mr. Davidson demonstrates how the book literally comes to life using augmented reality technology.

George Bush Presidential Library


Event Archive—Watch it Today!

A Virtual Reading Experience with Barbara Bush

Have your students experience this unique distance learning opportunity presented by the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum and Discovery Education.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush chose the book “Rushmore” by Lynn Curlee so students can learn the story behind this national treasure, from the engineering feat of building the landmark to its historical significance.

Mr. Davidson demonstrates how to experiment with and use computer-generated, augmented reality.  During the program, students from Houston Independent School District and Bryan Independent School District present their own content to digitally enhance the book “Rushmore." Witness Mount Rushmore coming alive! 

The program also includes music by the Texas A&M University Singing Cadets.

Standards Alignment

This program has been designed to cover the following curriculum areas:

  • NCSS Social Studies Standards
  • NCTE ELA Standards
  • TEKS, Technology Standards
  • TEKS, ELA Standards
  • TEKS, Social Studies (Government, Citizenship and Culture)

Classroom Activities

Check out these suggested lessons/activities to enhance your students' experience:



Barbara Bush
Former First Lady of the United States

Hall Davidson
Senior Director, Discovery Education

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