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Connect with Weather Virtual Field Trip video with meteorologist, Mark Elliot.

Watch with your classroom a behind-the-scenes virtual field trip with meteorologists from The Weather Channel! Explore the science behind severe weather, learn about the technology used to predict hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, and wildfires and understand the steps families can take to prepare and stay safe during a weather emergency.

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Connect with Weather Classroom Resources

Prepare your students with these videos and hands-on activities for the classroom, plus download the Family Prepardness Take-Home Acitivity for your students to share with their families.

Hurricanes Video

Video 1:


During a hurricane, strong winds, storm surges, flooding, tornadoes and marine hazards may threaten the safety of you and your family. Watch this video to experience the different levels of hurricanes and the damage they can inflict.

Winter Storms & Ice Video

Video 2:

Winter Storms & Ice

Everyone loves a snow day, but winter storms can disrupt your community from a few hours to a few days - or more. Watch this video to learn how to protect yourself by recognizing potential winter storm scenarios.

Tornadoes Video

Video 3:


Although in many cases advance warnings can be issued for tornadoes, it is important to be aware that tornadoes can change direction, speed and intensity very quickly. Watch this video to see what happens when a tornado strikes.


Video 4:


When it comes to fighting a wildfire, knowing the role moisture plays is very important. Watch the experiment in this video to understand the science behind fighting fire.

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