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Atlanta, GA

Welcome to the DENapalooza event page for the tour stop in Atlanta, GA.

Event Date:  April 27, 2013

Event Location: 
Autrey Mill Middle School, 4110 Old Alabama Road, Johns Creek, GA 30022

DEN LC Event Hosts: Kati Searcy & Mindy Ramon

***EVENT WIKI - This is where you'll find up to date information on sessions and resources.

Morning Presentations:

SESSION 1 : 9:30-10:15

Karen Ogen - iTeach and iDiscover with iPads - Educators will learn to use a variety of iPad apps with Discovery Education content to create curriculum based projects with their students. I will show teachers how they can use apps, information, images, and videos for students to express their knowledge of a subject- regardless of their grade level or curriculum content. Teachers will leave with ideas they can use in their classroom whether they have just one iPad, a small set, or a 1-1 initiative.

Judy Uhrig - The Normal-and Not So Normal - In this session we will explore the possibilities identifying, downloading and editing DE editable clips and images and using them in a variety of ways. We will briefly skim the common ways you can use them, but will venture off into the Xtranormal. Watch your student's jaws drop when you use avatars that you have created using this fun tool, and then combining them with DE clips using the green screen feature. We will also discuss basic greenscreening, it's possibilties, and lighting to avoid the dreaded "green glow of death."

Ginny Washburne - Brain Friendly Learning - What does the latest brain research reveal about teaching and learning? This session will highlight what we know about how the brain learns and explore how to implement a few simple brain friendly teaching strategies you can immediately use in your classroom.

Erin Nusnbaum - Using Podcasts in the classroom with Audacity - 15 min. presentation including a demonstration of podcasts using Audacity software with student examples 20-25 minutes of guided discussion on how to incorporate podcasts in a variety of subjects and curriculum standards 5-10 minutes wrap-up and questions.

Monique Liles - Discovery Education and the Common Core - Using Discovery Education resources to support the Common Core Standards.

Patti Grammens - Teaching is STEMtastic! - In this session I will introduce the audience to the concept of incorporating STEM into their classroom - whether they are teaching Science or any other subject. We will talk about taking baby steps so that it is not quite so intimidating.

SESSION 2 : 10:20-11:05

Kristina Spencer and Carolyn Rains - Crossing Borders with DEN Connects - Why limit students' interactions, connections, and collaborations to the four walls of your classroom? With DEN Connects, you, along with students, teachers, and schools from across North America have the opportunity to focus on a common theme. Tap into DE's vast resources with team created mini-lessons and student digital dives. Discover uncharted Web 2.0 tools or unlock an old tool's new capabilities. Embrace today's technology to CONNECT with other classrooms, regardless of borders. DEN Connects is a self-paced, multi-dimensional project where teachers choose resources based on their comfort levels with technology and DE, as well as the unique needs of their individual classrooms. Whether you choose to just "test the waters" or "plunge in head first," DEN Connects offers flexibility for individual needs, where our team can walk you through step by step or offer extension opportunities for those who choose to chance the rapids and push their boundaries. Are YOU ready to CONNECT with us??? __www.denconnects.com__

Sandi Dennis (GA) and Tracy Carpenter (MD) - Edmodo 101 - Edmodo is a free management system for instructors of all levels! We'll start with the basics of Edmodo and show attendees hot to set up a district Sub Domain with analytics. We'll also drill down to the day to day instructional uses of Edmodo - including managing students, parent communication, courses, small groups, assessments, assignments, and grade books. Learn the best way to incorporate Discovery Education and a wide variety of other materials into Edmodo.

Todd Holland - 60 Tools to Help Flip Your Classroom - Educators have heard and practiced flipped classrooms for years now but how can we keep up with all the new resources and tech tools that are constantly being created? I will go through an ever changing and growing list of resources and how to use them in your classroom.

Ana Hale - Student Created Summative Assessments (How to NOT Grade 100 Five-paragraph Essays Over the Weekend!) - Using technology, students can create summative assessments that demonstrate their learning and mastery of standards while engaging in higher level activities which require increasing their depth of knowledge . Non-traditional assessment options include digital storytelling and other web-based tools. These projects can be assessed using a rubric which measures a student’s progress on CCGPS standards. At this workshop, teachers will be introduced to a number of web based tools their students can use to produce their summative assessment for a given unit of study. All participants will have an opportunity to log-on to their own devices and look at web-based tools that would be applicable for non-traditional assessments, and they will be able to score a work sample using a CCGPS aligned rubric. 

Heather Temske - Beginning BYOT - Are you considering or just getting started with BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)? There is a lot to think about when you start up. How will you manage storage? What tools are useful for having students turn in work from their own devices? What apps are available for different platforms? We have been an elementary pilot for the last few months and have some insights to share. We certainly don't have all the answers but would love to facilitate some discussion.

Max Brooks - Oh, Discovery Education! How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways - Can you think of 100+ ways to love the multitude of video, audio, image, text, and STEM resources from Discovery Education STREAMING? Come to this session to explore a cornucopia of creative integration strategies for using Discovery Education media to support Common Core implementation inside and outside of the classroom. Also, (Re?)introduce yourself to an amazing network of like-minded educators focused on transforming traditional teaching and learning practices!

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