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Leadership Council


As the most active contributors to the Discovery Education Community, Leadership Council (LC) members play an instrumental role in shaping Discovery Education and the Discovery Education Community.

A global professional learning community that supports teacher growth and encourages the sharing of best practice.


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Members of the Discovery Education Leadership Council (LC) are active contributors to the growth and development of the Discovery Education Community. They serve and lead in any number of ways based on their own passions for sharing. Some LC members host local events supported by Discovery Education. Others support social media efforts and contribute regularly to the Discovery Education blog. Some create instructional resources or provide product feedback. Some do any combination of these things or lead in ways that we haven't even imagined yet. The Discovery Education team is pleased to be able to provide additional supports for members of the LC. The Discovery Education Community is driven by the expertise, enthusiasm, and passion of its members.

Leadership Council members work directly with the Discovery Education team and one another to:

* Create new and timely supports for educators
Provide input and feedback about Discovery Education’s products and services
Host local and regional professional learning and sharing events like the Day of Discovery Tour or VirtCon viewing parties
Contribute to online conversations via social media and DE blog
Develop instructional content that is shared widely

Being part of the LC is a commitment, but it also comes with many rewards. Through their contributions to the community at-large and/or local community, the Discovery Education Leadership Council:

Plays an instrumental role in shaping the Community
Increases networking and leadership opportunities
Gains access to additional supports from Discovery Education
Receives formal recognition and sincere thanks
Builds deeper relationships with other passionate educators
Enrollment for the Discovery Education Leadership Council occurs in the fall.