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Discovery Education
Of the People: Space Day 2015

On-Demand Event

Take a tour inside NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and meet the scientists and engineers working on some of our nation's space programs.

Celebrate Space Day with Discovery Education and NASA

A Tour Inside NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

2015 was an exciting year for planetary exploration with a number of important NASA missions and significant discoveries. In celebration of Space Day, we visited NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to find out more about NASA’s missions, their cutting-edge discoveries, and why it is important for us to continue to explore the solar system.


Patti Duncan, Discovery Education
Dr. James Garvin, GSFC Chief Scientist

About the Of the People Event Series

Broadcast live, Of the People takes students to Washington D.C. for a behind-the-scenes look at the people, places, and issues that shape and inform our world. This Virtual Field Trip series transports young learners beyond the walls of their classrooms to inquire, explore, and discover the world around them.

Objectives and Classroom Activities

Educational Objectives

To provide students across the United States with the opportunity to:

  • Get a tour of a NASA facility and learn about the research being carried out into planetary exploration
  • Learn why it is important to explore the universe and how our knowledge of the universe has expanded due to the space programs
  • Understand the multitude of scientific practices involved in space travel, and see the application of many of these in the real world

Classroom Activities

Check out these suggested lessons/activities to enhance your students' experience:

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