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Featuring the Perspective of U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis

Help your students understand the boundless opportunities available to them as they gain job skills to enter the workforce. Secretary Solis will discuss programs and opportunities for students to help them chart their own success. Whether pursuing educational opportunities available through technical schools, community colleges, or 4-year institutions of higher education, students will walk away with a better understanding of their options for the future.


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Here are a few videos to help your students understand the role of the President's cabinet:

"Cabinet Departments" segment from Just the Facts: Understanding Government: The Executive Branch
This segment summarizes responsibilities of cabinet departments.

"Executive Branch People" segment from Our Federal Government: The Executive Branch
The federal government has three branches; each branch has specific functions. The President, Vice President, and Cabinet make up the executive branch. The executive branch runs the government and makes sure that the laws passed by the legislative branch are enforced. The Cabinet gives advice to the President and runs the various departments.

Encyclopedia Article: Labor, Department of

Here are a few videos help students to prepare for future jobs:

STEM Careers for Students: Volume 01
Explore the possibilities that occupations in science, technology, engineering, and math have to offer. From robotics technicians to geneticists and technical writers to cartographers, learn more about the knowledge and skills it takes to secure STEM-related careers in a competitive global economy.

Math at Work
Everywhere you look, math is there! This program takes students behind the scenes to explore how math is fundamental to our daily lives. Lively interviews with a cellist, glider pilot, video game designer, and many others provide insight to the important tool of math.

Language Arts at Work
From children’s book author and illustrator to broadcast journalist, songwriter, poet laureate, and more, explore the variety of careers available to those who excel in the language arts. Interviews include Daniel and Jill Pinkwater, Rita Dove, Maureen Bunyon, Eric Brace, Pamela Duncan Edwards, Henry Cole, Molly Smith, Gene Weingarten, Eric Shansby, and Joy Hakim.

Discovering the Arts: Careers in Visual Arts
In the modern age, the arts spectrum has expanded to include cinema and television along with the classical arts of music, dance, and painting. In this series, students will take a look at the art of yesterday and today, meet artists and learn their influences, and find out how to start their own career in the arts. Artists, designers, and photographers have an eye for beauty and form. Is someone born with these skills or can they be learned? Get a behind-the-scenes look into the visual arts.