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Stephen Wakefield, Discovery Education

Dynamic New Digital Content Added to Discovery Education’s Award Winning Streaming Plus and Techbook Services

- 360 Degree Experiences, Engaging Infographics, Interactive World Geography Map and More Supports Educators’ Efforts to Create Dynamic Digital Learning Environments for All Students-

Silver Spring, Md. (June 5, 2017) – Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, announced today the addition of a variety of new digital assets to its award-winning Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Techbook™ services. This new content further empowers educators to create dynamic digital learning environments that help students build the knowledge and skills they will need for success beyond the classroom.

Among the unique assets recently added to Discovery Education’s services are:

  • New Interactive 360 Degree Experiences: In partnership with digital publisher ThingLink Discovery Education has produced a series of annotated 360 Degree experiences. Three of these unique experiences, which are created by layers 2-D images, videos, and 360 Degree images, are now available through Discovery Education Streaming Plus, and 17 more experiences are scheduled to be added to the service in the coming months. With these new assets, educators can create life-like immersive learning opportunities for students at all grade levels.  An example of this new content can be viewed here.
  • 106 New Titles from BBC Active: Also now available to Discovery Education Streaming Plus users are three new series from BBC Active supporting elementary, middle school, and high school science education. With Nina and the Neurons, elementary school educators can introduce core science and engineering concepts to young learners. Middle school students will observe floods, avalanches, and landslides up close in Fierce Earth, and through Rise of the Continents, high school students can explores the unique features and histories of each continent and how tectonic pasts influence life today.
  • Eight New Titles to Support Phenomena Based Learning: Phenomena in science are instances in the real world that may seem extraordinary to students, such as weather events, animal migration, and lunar eclipses. Through the Natural Phenomena series from Maslowski Wildlife Productions now available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus and the Discovery Education Science Techbook, educators can now bring Earth’s extraordinary geologic features, weather events, and biodiversity to life for all students.
  • 30 Social Studies and Political Science Infographics – Added to Discovery Education’s Social Studies Techbook, these easy to read and informative visual representations of various social studies and political science topics from the Student Government Affairs Program help educators illustrate complex ideas and concepts.
  • 15 New Art History Videos – Through Art Minutes, a new series of short videos focusing on famous works of arts recently added to Discovery Education Streaming Plus, students can analyze iconic paintings such as Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Marc Chagall’s “I and the Village.”  35 additional installments of Art Minutes will be added to Discovery Education Streaming Plus in the coming months.
  • 75 New Video Titles from the Discovery Family of Networks: New episodes from the American Heroes Channel series American Titans, which delves in the lives of the founding fathers of Fortune 500 industries, are now available in to both Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Social Studies Techbook users. Also, the new series from Science Channel, Street Science, as well as engaging episodes of Through the Wormhole with Morgan FreemanHow the Universe Works, and Made by Destruction will be added to both Discovery Education Streaming Plus and the Science Techbook series in the coming weeks.

“One of the many advantages of using dynamic digital content as a primary instructional resource in place of static textbooks is that digital content can always be improved,” said Wanda Hanley, an educator in North Carolina’s Wake County Public Schools. “The new resources recently added to the Streaming Plus and Techbook services are part of Discovery Education’s effort to continuously refine their services with the richest, most engaging content.  I look forward to finding ways to use this new content in my classroom instruction.”

Containing thousands of standards-aligned resources Discovery Education Streaming Plus help build students’ mastery in interpreting, understanding, and evaluating information across all subject areas. Teacher resources include lesson plans, instructional strategies, and content collections organized around themes.  Students can access images, primary source documents, podcasts, oral interviews, books on tape, articles, videos, and more.

Discovery Education’s Techbooks are breakthrough digital textbooks that are aligned to rigorous standards, support a comprehensive curriculum, and are updated regularly at no cost.  The series encourages all learners through interactive features that change the reading level of text and enable text to be read aloud. The Techbook series saves teachers’ time with a comprehensive design that places model lessons, student activities and assessments at their fingertips. Techbooks are platform neutral and can be used in one-to-one or one-to-many configurations and in any instructional environment.

Utilizing an inquiry-based format built on the 5E model, Discovery Education’s Science Techbook, through hands-on labs, digital explorations, an interactive glossary, and data analysis activities, helps teach students to read, write, and think like scientists. The Social Studies Techbook series uses an inquiry-based instructional approach that emphasizes informational text literacy, analytical writing, and problem-solving skills that students will apply in the classroom and beyond. Each subject area includes primary source documents and activities, digital investigations, a multimedia reference library, interactive maps and informational texts. Discovery Education’s Math Techbook, a digital textbook that connects students to math through real-world problems worth solving, combines conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application to help all students develop a long-lasting mastery of mathematics.  More than 3,000,000 students across all 50 U.S. states and several Canadian provinces currently have access to the Discovery Education Techbook series.

“In an environment awash with digital content of varying quality, standards-aligned, high-quality digital resources vetted and organized by experts that has been specifically developed for today’s students is more important than ever,” said Marty Creel, Discovery Education’s Chief Academic Officer, and Vice President, Curriculum & Instruction. “We at Discovery Education are pleased to add this new content to our digital services, and we look forward to continuing to serve the needs of educators seeking to build authentic learning environments that support the needs of all students.”

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