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> Indianapolis Public Schools Spotlight on Innovation

Spotlight on Indianapolis Public Schools

Engaging Students, Making Social Studies Relevant

Indianapolis Public Schools LogoIndianapolis Public Schools serve over 33,000 students, with 85 percent of those students receiving free and reduced lunch. It continues to strive to implement their vision to “be the flagship in innovative urban education, preparing all students to be successful in the global economy.”


Recognizing the need to continue driving growth towards their vision, the administrative leadership in Indianapolis Public Schools decided to reinvent the social studies curriculum to engage students and make it relevant today. The change, designed to make the best use of digital content, new technology, and research-based teaching methods, started in social studies and is set to expand to other content areas.


The district designed a specific package of services to help with curriculum, delivery, and support including:

Results — 27% Improvement on End-of-Course Exams

The feedback from teachers, administrators, and students has been enthusiastic and the trend over the last few years is encouraging. Between 2009 and 2011, students in classrooms where educators have received professional development, and have regular access to Discovery Education digital resources, are outperforming students without the same resources, on end-of-course exams by 27%.

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“We must meet our intentions to teach them, with their interest to receive it.”
Dr. Eugene White, Superintendent
Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana

Use of Multimodal Resources Associated with Better Performance

Evidence shows that when educators within Indianapolis Public Schools used Discovery Education Streaming, coupled with a curriculum alignment strategy, it resulted in higher student performance on social studies end-of-course exams than students performance in classrooms incorporating traditional instructional approaches.