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Celebrate Constitution Day at the National Constitution Center

Join us live for two exclusive events from Philadelphia. Students will meet Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer who will speak about the ins and outs of his job and answer students’ questions. Then take a virtual tour inside this cutting-edge museum, the first and only one of its kind devoted to the U.S. Constitution.

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The TeenDrive365 Video Challenge Opens September 21!

Save the date and encourage high schoolers to create a PSA about teen driving safety. This year there are more chances to win and $60,000 in cash prizes for the winners! Learn More!

Kilimanjaro Expedition

From September 23 - October 1, a team of 10 Students, 12 Educators, and 4 Scientists representing 5 different countries, Nigeria, Oman, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United States, will attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, one of the world's seven Summits, and the tallest mountain on the African continent. Learn More

One Idea With: Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent, Highline Public Schools

In this installment of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent of Washington State’s Highline Public Schools. Dr. Enfield’s One Idea focuses on the importance of early learning. Watch the video below to learn more, and then visit Highline Public Schools’ website for additional information about the district’s efforts to support young learners. Read More

District Leaders: Focus on Content First, Tech Second

Much has been written about districts and schools “going 1:1,” issuing tablets, computers, or other electronic devices to every student. As the quantity of devices in the hands of students grows, many leaders like me believe these changes cannot succeed without supporting transformative change in student learning experiences. Namely, I’d like to see a focus on content first, tech second. It is far more important to enhance learning via high quality content and instructional transformation than it is to simply replace a pencil with a tablet and hope for the best. Read More

More Updates

PD Tips: Behind The Discovery Educator Network

Having a strong professional learning network is an important part of being an educator. Being able to share and receive advice, lesson plans, or just friendly banter among peers is an essential part of teaching. For this reason, many online communities exist to serve this purpose. Education World takes a look at the Discovery Educator Network (DEN), a global network that also provides annual virtual and in-person conferences for teachers all over to convene.
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I Am An Engineer

Last week engineering was trending on twitter due to the hashtags #IAmAnEngineer and #ILookLikeAnEngineer. These hashtags are focused on breaking down stereotypes in engineering and promoting the many types of people who are engineers.
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Let’s All Be Math People

When is the last time you bought 42 watermelons? A student at Woodlawn Beach Middle School in Florida told us recently that she saw a textbook that had a math problem about buying 42 watermelons. “Who does that?” she asked. Unless they own a grocery store or a fruit stand, the answer is: no one. To me, this type of silly question captures the essence of our national challenge in teaching mathematics today.
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Getting Your Students in Top Shape With Performance Tasks

As teachers, we’re inundated with flash-in-the-pan jargon and lingo. I never heard of “performance task” before I became a content specialist and curriculum writer a few years ago. At first, it might seem like it’s just a fancy way of saying a “lesson.” But a lesson could describe anything a teacher does in class with students–watching a video, leading a lecture, assigning worksheets, even nap time. A performance task requires students to actively engage in a learning activity, aligned to both skills and content, with the opportunity for real-time feedback and growth.
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STEM Education in Rural Schools: Challenge = Opportunity

As I travel around the country, I hear the concerns about opportunities for rural students to study the STEM areas, learn about STEM career opportunities, the availability of Internet and cell service, and the difficulties recruiting and retaining STEM teachers in rural areas. At the same time there are opportunities for employment in jobs which are STEM in nature.
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Seizing Opportunity in the Digital Age: The Intersection of Technology and Special Education

The approaches to special education learning, particularly in the ways technology is used to assist teachers and students, has a dramatic impact on the lives not only of more mainstream students, but all Americans. That was the major takeaway from a panel event discussion held in Washington, D.C. last week by The National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training (NCTET) and the Education and Technology and Telecommunications Taskforces of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities. NCTET hosted the discussion particularly to discuss the intersection of technology and special education.
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Follow the Finalists to the 2015 Young Scientist Challenge Final Event!

The top 10 finalists are hard at work and excited for you to share in their summer mentorship experience with a 3M scientist. Each finalist gives you a first-hand look at the challenge through their eyes - from what inspired them to participate, to the benefits of working with their 3M Scientist Mentors! Each week the finalists will explain how they are preparing for the final event, which will be held at 3M’s World Headquarters in October.
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How Can We Make the 63,000 Questions We Ask in a Year Better?

Students need background knowledge to make skills-based instruction accessible. If we expect our students to think critically, to sharpen historical thinking skills, they need factual information. How can a student contextualize, a higher order skill, without knowing some basic information about a time period?
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New Horizons: Opening a World of Possibilities for Students

Today marks a historic day for NASA and space exploration, after a nine-year journey the New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto providing us with a number of firsts for space exploration. It marks the first time we have seen clear pictures of Pluto. And the first time in decades we are exploring an entirely new world to this degree of detail. We are pushing the frontiers of our knowledge – everything we discover will be a first.
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One Idea With: Keith R. Krueger, CEO of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)

Krueger’s One Idea focuses on how school districts engage the community and move from a confrontational privacy concern to one of trust. Watch the video to learn more, and then visit for additional information on CoSN’s mission and work.
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DEN Summer Institute: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Learning

Each year, Discovery Education brings together educators from a wide variety of specialties for a week-long professional development and networking event. Attendees learn how to use technology to energize their own teaching from keynote speakers, the Discovery Education team and each other. Educators leave inspired and motivated with a new network of collaboration and friendship.
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New Science Standards Open Doors for Real World Learning

Over a dozen states have now adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), with more poised to do so over the coming years. These new standards will help prepare students for college and careers and will bring project based learning, key core concepts, and cross cutting ideas that will result in a sea change in the way science education is taught in the United States.
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Swim with Sharks during the Worldwide Summer Adventure!

As your summer adventure heats up, its now time to swim with the sharks. Find out how you can create a social media page for your favorite shark, complete with photos, hashtags, status updates, and reactions to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.
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What are the Next Generation Science Standards?

Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a lot of conversations surrounding the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Recently these conversations are growing in sophistication to much deeper and meaningful discussion about what the standards are and their impacts on teaching and learning. The primary focus has been on the shift in the teaching of Science. But, what do these standards actually look like, what are these shifts, and what does this actually mean for educators?
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Discovery Education Content Showcase: Episode 4

In honor of Science Channel’s Space Week and the arrival of NASA’s New Horizons space probe to Pluto after a nine-year journey, this month’s Content Showcase features programming related to space science.
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One Idea With: ASCD Author and Consultant Pete Hall

In this installment of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews best-selling ASCD author and consultant Pete Hall.
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Webinar: Taking Your District Digital…Building Shared Vision & Collective Ownership

You’ve committed to going digital, but how do you build consensus around your vision and engage key stakeholders in building and implementing a long-term plan? Join this engaging conversation between leading Superintendents as they discuss how they’ve tackled these challenges and built solid digital plans for their districts. June 25th, 2:00 PM ET.
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Social Media and the Connected School District

While the past ten years have shown significant changes in terms of consumption of information, the importance of communication in support of leadership and innovation remains the same. Today’s superintendent is connected 24/7 and knows how to leverage the power of technology to harness effective and impactful communication. Here, Superintendent Mike Lubelfeld discusses "the connected school district" and why modern day school systems must be social at the core in order to achieve success.
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One Idea With: Zach Leverenz, CEO of EveryoneOn

EveryoneOn is a national nonprofit working to eliminate the digital divide by making high-speed, low-cost Internet service, affordable computers, and free digital literacy courses accessible to all unconnected Americans.
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Blog: The Interconnected Nature of the Metric System

If you think back to your initial instruction regarding the metric system, you probably remember sitting in an elementary classroom, staring at a series of colorful posters on a wall. Each one denoted a different prefix used as metric units of measure magnified by powers of 10. ou may have poured deciliters of water into a large beaker to prove that there really were ten to a liter. But in all of the metric exposure you had, if your experience was similar to mine, there was one key fact that was never mentioned: The metric system was designed to be interconnected.
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Magna Carta Virtual Field Trip

To commemorate the signing of Magna Carta in Runnymede, Discovery Education will broadcast live from the National Archives in the United Kingdom - home to the 1225 version of Magna Carta. The 30-minute event will focus on the history of Magna Carta and examine how human rights have developed over the centuries.
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Gettin’ Triggy with It – Using Digital Interactives to Introduce Trigonometric Graphing

The concept of graphing trigonometric functions contains one of the biggest shifts in mathematical thought for students in secondary mathematics. The key to helping students navigate the tricky trigonometric waters is to help them see these concepts visually. This is where digital interactives shine. There are a few websites that show trigonometric graphs being created in tandem with a terminal ray being rotated around the unit circle. Each one approaches the concept differently.
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New This Week: Worldwide Summer Adventure

See what's new for your student's this week on the Worldwide Summer Adventure Launch Pad! See the live Magna Carta Virtual Field Trip, Tour our National Parks, and relive the Ford's Theatre 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Assassination.
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Discovery Education Redesigns Community Blog

Check out the latest edition of the Community Blog that displays articles more visually than ever before. Discover a renewed commitment to thought-provoking articles, resources, and interviews that impact the lives of students each and every day.
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Using Graphs to Relate Two Quantities…and Create a Chorus of Laughter

One of my favorite lessons to teach middle school students is how to use a graph to relate two quantities. This is usually the first time students have created a graph from scratch to represent a real-life scenario. Many of them have prior experience creating graphs from other math classes, but my experience has been that they have only used graphs within a math context. This lesson seeks to expose students to the reality that characteristics of graphs can have deep and significant meanings when context is added.
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Content Showcase: American History

Discovery Education’s Content Team is proud to bring to you the third installment of a new video blog series, Content Showcase! Each month we will highlight recently added video related to a timely theme. For the month of June, Content Showcase takes viewers through major milestones in American history, from the journey of the pilgrims to the assassination of President Lincoln.
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One Idea With: Martha Morris, Director, K12 Outreach and Resources at The College Board

In this installment of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews Martha Morris, Director, K12 Outreach and Resources at The College Board.
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Magna Carta: the Story of our Human Rights

Presented by Dan Snow and Diane Louise-Jordan this unique event has been timed to coincide with the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta by King John at Runnymede near the banks of the River Thames. The 30 minute documentary is perfect for students at Key Stages 2 & 3 and will focus on the history of how Magna Carta came into being, while at the same time examining how human rights have developed in the centuries that have followed.
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Worldwide Summer Adventure

With the summer vacation rapidly approaching we know you and your students can’t wait to relax by the beach, visit a far-flung destination, or spend quality time with family and friends closer to home. But, what if your students could also travel the world and continue learning all summer long?
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Memorial Day Board Builder Activity

Check out this Memorial Day board for Discovery Education resources and a student activity that takes them to the monuments of Washington, DC, before building a memorial of their own.
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One Idea With: Todd Mann, Executive Director, Magnet Schools of America

In this installment of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews Todd Mann, Executive Director, Magnet Schools of America.
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Discovery Education Launches New Community Blog: Conversations & Connections

Check out the latest edition of the Community Blog that displays articles more visually than ever before. Discover a renewed commitment to thought-provoking articles, resources, and interviews that impact the lives of students each and every day.
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Support Our Science Sweepstakes

Science is everywhere. It's the DNA for progress and possibility. Support Our Science is committed to igniting students' passion for science, technology, engineering and math on-air, online, in the classroom, and in local communities. Science Channel and Discovery Education, together with partners, The Planetary Society, Girls Inc, and Maker Ed will ensure our kids are the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and game changers. Enter the Support Our Science Sweepstakes for a chance to win $10,000 for a school of your choice's STEM program. The winning school will also receive a special STEM assembly.
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Auschwitz: The Past is Present Virtual Experience

Join Holocaust survivor Paula Lebovics, students, and teachers to learn about the importance of remembrance and why the past is ever present today. Explore the rich history of Jewish life in Poland before the Holocaust, visit authentic memorial sites, and discuss the consequences of hatred and intolerance.
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All New Content Showcase!

May’s travel theme takes viewers from the rain forests of Costa Rica to the surface of Mars. All featured titles are available in DE Streaming base for the U.S. and Canada.
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Discovery Education Wins SIIA Education Technology CODiE Award for Social Studies Techbook

We are proud to announce that Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook™ has won a 2015 SIIA CODiE in the category of "Best Social Sciences or Social Studies Instructional Solution." This is a tremendous honor and we thank everyone who participated in the development and implementation of this award winning tool. To learn more about Social Studies Techbook, visit
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Interactive Training

Whether you are new to using Discovery Education or looking for ways to enhance your experience, we’ve created interactive sessions to guide you through new and dynamic features of your service. These courses include effective and creative integration strategies you can use immediately to actively engage your students in the learning process. Each course addresses one component of Discovery Education with video overviews and step-by-step guides created by members of your Discovery Education Community. Upon completion, you can take a quiz to receive a certificate for one hour of professional development credit. In February, we launched five courses. This week, in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ve added three more. Find new courses on Literacy, Assessment, Flipping the Classroom
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DENny Awards

At Discovery Education, we believe that teachers deserve recognition for the good work that they do each and every day. We are always on the lookout for great stories of teachers making a difference in the lives of their students and fellow educators. On June 3, we’ll host the annual DENny Awards. Nominate education professionals you know for this special recognition, and be sure to register for this virtual event. We want to celebrate as many great teachers and administrators as we can.
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Live Event: Meet the inspiring entrepreneurs behind your favorite brands

Bring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to welcome real-world entrepreneurs into your classroom by joining Discovery Education and Chobani on Monday, May 18 @ 1pm ET for a live panel discussion exploring the real-life skills important to an entrepreneur such as critical thinking and innovative problem-solving. Panelists - including the founders of Chobani, Plated, FEED projects, and Dormify - will share their success secrets, discuss how they’ve overcome roadblocks and explore the importance of collaboration when building your own business.
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Celebrate Space Day Today with Discovery Education and NASA

2015 is an exciting year for planetary exploration with a number of important NASA missions and significant discoveries. In celebration of Space Day, join us on May 1st, live from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to find out more about NASA’s missions, their cutting-edge discoveries, and why it is important for us to continue to explore the solar system.
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One Idea With: Dr. Diane Briars, President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

In this installment of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews Dr. Diane Briars, President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).
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Of the People Archive: A Conversation with President Obama

Join President Obama in this live discussion with students about his favorite books, how books have influenced his life, and the importance of technology in classrooms and libraries.
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Archive Now Available for the Education Station Virtual Field Trip

Check out the archive of the Education Station Virtual Field Trip to the Creighton Brothers Farm in Warsaw, Indiana. Explore the ecosystem and food webs of an egg farm and learn how all parts – from the soil to plants to hens to humans – relate and depend on one another. Discover how chickens, eggs and students are all part of a farm food web. Watch the archive today!
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Celebrate Earth Day with Discovery Education

Looking for the perfect Earth Day resource? This month’s Discovery Education Streaming newsletter is packed with resources for you to use with your students. Highlights include our Earth Day Digital Challenge, an Earth Day Content Collection and a look at America’s Top Young Scientist, Sahil Doshi’s environmentally friendly battery PolluCell to name a few.
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Last Day to Enter: Young Scientists can work with a 3M Scientist & win $25k!

Today is the last day for 5th to 8th grade students to enter the 2015 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Entering is easy – science stars are invited to share their innovative solution to a real-world problem for the chance to work one-on-one with a 3M Scientist mentor and win up to $25,000! Enter at through end of day today, April 21.
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