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Meet the DEN: Paul McGuire

This week, we’d like you to meet Paul McGuire, a mountain climbing retired Elementary Principal in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Find out more about Paul in his Meet the DEN post.

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Need Resources to Teach Compassion, Empathy, & Tolerance?

Introducing the IWitnessChallenge! From now until April 13, educators have a powerful opportunity to educate and inspire students. In this contest, students in grades 5-12 will watch powerful testimonies, complete standards-aligned activities, and be inspired to make a community impact for a chance to win scholarships and grants totaling $10k. This activity may also help reach state requirements and recommendations for Holocaust and genocide education. Enter Today

Explore Educator Essentials

Whether brand new to Discovery Education, looking for a refresher, or ready to recommit to digital integration, this curated content is essential to launching or continuing your Discovery Education journey. Learn More

Did You Know: Content Collections

Featuring resources selected and created by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts, Content Collections offer lesson starters, video clips, songs, and more on many of Discovery Education’s most-searched topics. Learn More

New Virtual Field Trip - Register Today!

Connect science to your students' favorite sports with the new Science of Soil Virtual Field Trip! Join us as we broadcast LIVE from Texas A&M to learn about how soil science plays an important role in keeping sports fields looking great for the fans and safe for the athletes. Register Now

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DE in Action: Exploring Heroes and Warriors in Literature and Real Life

See Discovery Education and instructional strategies in action as this teacher creates interactive centers with curated content for studying medieval life and literature.
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Meet the DEN: Susie Throop

This week, we’d like you to meet Susie Throop, a Netflix binge watching Academic Coach in Woodstock, Georgia. Find out more about Susie in her Meet the DEN post.
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See How Farms are Taking Dairy into the Future!

Dairy farmers are using technology in many ways including how they take care of their cows, and preserve the land for future generations. See how this over 200-year-old family farm is taking dairy into the future with a 360° Video, 360° Interactive Hotspot Image, and accompanying educator guide and student activity.
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Presidents' Day Virtual Viewing Party: Join On-Demand

Join Discovery Education as we explore the history of Presidents' Day, a federal holiday honoring the legacies of former U.S. Presidents while connecting to other classrooms around the world.
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Two weeks left for a chance at $15,000!

There's still time for teens to enter a safe driving PSA to the TeenDrive365 Video Challenge for a chance at up to $15,000 and 14 other prizes. Encourage your students to submit their video by February 28th for their chance to win!
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Hot Topics: Diverse Learners

Learn how Discovery Education helps you engage diverse learners with multimodal digital content for multiple learning styles, degrees of readiness, and interests by offering resources to help vary content, process, product, and learning environment.
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Come Aboard the USS Nimitz to See Navy STEM in Action

Brought to you in partnership with America’s Navy, this exclusive virtual field trip provides students with personal career stories from some of Navy's elite Sailors. Watch from start to finish as you tour one of the greatest aircraft carriers ever built – the USS Nimitz - and learn what it takes to serve as an Aircraft Handler, Aviation Mechanic, Oceanographer and an F-18 pilot!
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Virtual Viewing Party: Presidents' Day

Join Discovery Education on February 15th as we explore the history of Presidents' Day, a federal holiday honoring the legacies of former U.S. Presidents while connecting to other classrooms around the world.
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Featured Strategy: Connect the Dots

Help students find personal relevancy and connection to the learning topic with this instructional strategy.
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Meet the DEN: Tiffany Mumm

This week, we’d like you to meet Tiffany Mumm, a dark chocolate loving Artistic Technology Middle School Teacher in Boca Raton, Florida. Find out more about Tiffany in her Meet the DEN post.
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Professional Learning Toolkits

Do you share Discovery Education with others? This growing library of ready-to-go resources help administrators, staff development specialists, and educators share Discovery Education with colleagues. Everything needed to excite, engage, and encourage participants is contained within each toolkit and its notes.
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Did You Know: Professional Learning Center

Discovery Education Professional Learning Center provides you easy access to thousands of professional resources, such as instructional strategies, self-paced modules, and step-by-step guides.
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Explore In Demand Mining Careers

With the new digital interactive from Dig Into Mining, students can answer questions about their preferences, hobbies and skills to uncover a variety of in demand mining careers at which they would excel and enjoy!
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Professional Learning Communities

Robust and active professional learning networks help foster growth, support systems, and well-being among educators. Explore Discovery Education resources to help you connect to colleagues and friends, share ideas and resources, and build meaningful experiences for yourself and others.
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Featured Strategy: Step Inside

Encourage students to consider content, events, or experiences from multiple perspectives. With Step Inside, students answer questions from the point-of-view of their assigned person or object.
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Become a spy-in-training

After building a periscope for the March Home Depot Kids Workshop, download the extension activity to learn how it works and collect information with Science Fair Central!
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Meet the DEN: Melissa Matthews

Meet Melissa Matthews, a Program Technology Specialist in Jupiter, Florida. If she had a 1-minute Super Bowl Ad time slot, she would use it to promote her weekly webinars. Find out more about Melissa in her Meet the DEN post.
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One Idea Can Change Your Student's Life

Discovery Education and 3M invite your 5th-8th grade students to explain their idea for how to address a real-world problem for the chance to win life changing prizes. No fancy equipment or working prototype required... just curiosity, communication and passion to improve our world.
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Step-by-Step Guides

Everything you need to understand the resources, tools, and programs to start your digital journey. These step-by-step guides can be used for quick reference or printed as handouts.
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Did You Know: Virtual Field Trips

Did you know that with Discovery Education you can take your students beyond the classroom walls and into some of the world’s most iconic locations for rich and immersive learning experiences? No permission slips are required for these adventures.
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Explore a Dairy Farm with NEW 360° Virtual Experiences!

Transport students a modern dairy farm to see how innovations, technology and expert cow care from dairy farmers are transforming dairy’s journey from the farm to fridge!

Featured Strategy: Snowball Fight

Add instant joy and engagement to your day by encouraging students to determine and communicate the big ideas from a selected digital resource through this lively game.
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Explore Ag Careers On Demand

Journey to leading agricultural organizations with the AgExplorer Virtual Field Trip series! These behind-the-scenes tours will give your students a firsthand account of the diverse career opportunities within the agricultural industry.
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Meet the DEN: Martha Snider

Meet Martha Snider, a Social Science Teacher and Technology Lead at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Lodi, California. Her ultimate teaching method would be to teach U.S. History by traveling with students to each state for a personal learning experience. Find out more about Martha in her Meet the DEN post.
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Professional Development Webinar Series

Looking for ways to integrate your Discovery Education services deeper into your instruction? Our webinar series covers topics from Getting Started to a “deeper dive” into each service as well as exploring different ways you can use our services as part of daily instruction.
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Literacy Integration Strategies

Explore how the multimodal resources within Discovery Education support students in building background knowledge, strengthening comprehension, and developing disciplinary vocabulary.
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Create a Culture of Inclusion During Start With Hello Week

Join Sandy Hook Promise for Start With Hello Week Feb 5 – 9 to build a culture of inclusion and connectedness and reduce the risk of bullying, violence, and social isolation in your school.
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Did You Know: Educational Partners

Did you know Discovery Education partners with nonprofit foundations and global corporations to provide real world experiences and resources that give students multiple opportunities to explore their world? Explore these programs by content area such as STEM, College & Career, Agriculture & Environment, Health & Wellness, and more.
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Hot Topics: STEM

As part of our commitment to supporting effective STEM education, Discovery Education has developed a variety of powerful and engaging resources designed to fuel a cultural shift in STEM teaching and learning.
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Featured Strategy: Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt

Introduce students to a particular topic by selecting vocabulary words featured within Discovery Education videos and audio files.
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Meet the DEN: Laura Dawes

This week we’d like to introduce you to Laura Dawes, a Media Specialist / Technology Support Teacher in Mobile, Alabama. Find out more about this musically inclined Dr. Who fan by reading her Meet the DEN post.
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Pathway to Financial Success in Schools

Start the journey to financial success! Empower students to take control of their financial futures with new standards-aligned financial literacy curriculum from Discover Financial Services and Discovery Education.
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Top 10 Digital Resource Blogs in 2017

Here are the most popular posts and a description of the select multimedia resources and easy-to-implement classroom activities they provided. Use them now or paste a link into your calendar to prepare for celebrations in 2018.
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Learning in 360 Degrees

Step into the classroom of other Discovery Educators for a 360 degree view of classroom instruction using digital resources.
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New Resources for HS STEM Seekers

In these no-cost, standards-aligned activities, your 9-12 students will work together to tackle real-world STEM challenges using core math and science concepts.
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Did You Know: Student Access

Did you know that students can access Discovery Education resources and create content to demonstrate learning? Learn how to create classes, assign content, and unlock Discovery Education for your students.
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Hot Topics: Student Engagement

Empowering students to drive their own learning has a big impact on their growth and success. Discovery Education features a variety of student-centered resources to put the power of exploration in their hands.
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Enter the IWitness Video Challenge & Win $10k!

Now, more than ever, we must empower students with the resources to combat hate. The IWitness Video Challenge empowers students to identify a social problem in their community they’d like to solve and take action to address it. In this contest students will document their work in a video essay, which will share their message with the world, for the chance to win prizing and scholarships up to $10k.
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Meet: Cathy Houchin

Meet DEN Member Cathy Houchin, a long time Discovery Education educator and Music Teacher from Wisconsin. She is also an elected public official. Find out what public role she serves in her Meet the DEN Member post.
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Conquer College Costs with Financial Pur$uit

Take your students on a digital quest to navigate financial aid with Financial Pur$uit, a new self-paced module from TGR EDU: Explore. Your students will unlock important financial aid information and learn how to make paying for college a reality!
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Hot Topics: Tolerance

Access resources to help you bring meaningful awareness, discussion, and growth around celebrating and respecting differences.
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Last Day to Register: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Virtual Viewing Party

We are less than a day away from our Martin Luther King Jr. Day Virtual Viewing Party! Join Discovery Education in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Together, students across the country will explore the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. while connecting to other classrooms around the world.
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Launch Your Students' Experience

Allow students to access interactive resources and content creation tools. Learn how to launch the Discovery Education experience for students.
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Discovery Education STEM Connect – Available Now with Free 60-Day Access

Discovery Education STEM Connect is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary K-8 resource designed to enhance core curriculum and bring STEM to life in your classrooms. Our powerful 4Cs framework uses relatable scenarios that connect students to real world challenges. With each unit, students gain valuable critical-thinking and solution seeking skills for life.
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Featured Strategy: Table Top Texting

Use this digital integration strategy to help students improve communication skills as they think critically about and discuss video segments.
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