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Meet the DEN: Tanneshia Dukes

This week, we’d like you to meet Tanneshia Dukes, a food loving, karaoke singing fan from Greensboro, North Carolina. Find out more in her Meet the DEN post.

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Did You Know: Dig the Grid

You love Spotlight on Strategies instructional ideas, now there’s an even easier way to explore the series: check out a complete grid view of all SOS, filterable by skill, media type, and alignment to McREL International's 6-Phase Model of Learning. Hip to be Square

Enter the Teacher Challenge Today!

How will you bring manufacturing to life in the classroom? Tell us for the chance to turn your biggest ideas into reality! Enter Now

Celebrate MFG Day with a Manufacture Your Future Virtual Field Trip!

Take a virtual tour of Arconic in Austin, Texas to explore how 3D printing is rocketing from the lab to the skies with precision built parts for commercial and space aircraft. You’ll hear from engineers and technicians to learn about the skills, the machines and the materials used in this stellar technology. Register Now

Fuel Student Success With the Navy STEM Challenges Interactive!

Fuel student success with the Navy STEM Challenges interactive, created in partnership with America's Navy. This self-paced module includes 3 unique missions that expose students to helicopter rescue, drone surveillance and disease control missions to experience first-hand how concepts in physics, biology, engineering, and earth science are applied in Navy STEM careers. Download the companion Educator Guide and get ready to challenge your students! Launch Interactive

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Take Your Students on a Deep Dive Into the World of Sharks

Take a bite out of back to school by exploring the 2018 Shark Week Content Collection with your students- available all year long! Plus, dive deeper into key topics with lesson starters designed for your classroom.
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Become a DEN STAR Educator

We invite you to take the next step in growing your professional learning community at Discovery Education by becoming a DEN STAR Educator. It is simple to become a DEN STAR, and educators of all experience and expertise levels are welcome.
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#TryitTuesday: There's an App for That

Help students understand an author’s purpose and collect evidence—important parts of comprehending and interacting with a text—with this SOS strategy.
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Hot Topics: ISTE Student Standards

Discovery Education supports ISTE Standards for Students by providing a variety of tools, resources, and learning experiences that prepare digital age learners to become future-ready, lifelong learners.
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Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Final Event Is Only One Month Away!

The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Final Event is only one month away! Stay up-to-date on our 2018 finalists and how their final projects are coming along with The Young Scientist Blog. Check it out today!
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Register for the Smart Cities Virtual Field Trip!

Students will explore what makes a city “smart” and how sustainable communities play an essential role in conservation by going inside the Itron Innovation Center. They’ll learn about the relationship between water and energy and see exactly how innovative urban technologies are solving today’s conservation challenges.
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Constitution Day Virtual Viewing Party | This Monday, Sept 17

Thousands of classrooms will simultaneously participate and share their thoughts and reflections about the importance of celebrating culture and heritage. Join us for a Virtual Experience and dive into the history of the constitution!
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Register Now for the Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our WorldTM Virtual Field Trip!

Join us as we take a look behind-the-scenes at the Palo Verde Generating Station, the largest power plant in the U.S. and explore how nuclear technologies are helping to develop more environmentally friendly electrical power.
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#CelebrateWithDE – International Peace Day

The United Nations established the International Day of Peace in 1981 and its guiding principle is a commitment to “peace above all differences.” This critical mission can be especially powerful to students and young people as they learn to navigate a world full of individual differences.
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Meet the DEN: Drey Keairnes

This week, we’d like you to meet Drey Keairnes, a Sasquatch hunting, trombone playing English Teacher from Schuyler, NE. Find out more in his Meet the DEN post.
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Wherever you are online, we’re there, too. Give us a follow to build your own personal learning network and stay in the loop for all the latest opportunities from Discovery Education.
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Did You Know: SOS Top Ten Series

Not sure which instructional strategy to choose? Check out our lists of Top Ten SOS: curated SOS strategies for addressing 21st Century Skills development, recommended strategies for grade ranges, subject areas, and more.
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AgExplorer Virtual Field Trip - Sept. 25 at 1PM ET

Join us as we broadcast live from Nashville, TN and meet the team at Tractor Supply Company to learn about careers that develop, market, distribute and provide the products you use every day.
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#TryitTuesday: Fold, Learn, Draw

Support visual and kinesthetic learners and encourage collaboration while building vocabulary with this SOS strategy.
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Hot Topics: Literacy

With the goals of literacy being the ability to understand and be understood, Discovery Education Streaming provides resources that support both comprehension and communication.
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#CelebrateWithDE – International Dot Day

Do you work with any students who doubt their abilities? We all do! September 15th is International Dot Day – a global celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration – and we celebrate it with the author of the powerful book The Dot.
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Get Started on the Home Depot Kids Workshop Extension Activity

Did your student build a football goal during this weekend's Kids Workshop? Keep the fun going by building a catapult that will hurl their football into the end goal and learn about propulsion with this extension activity! 
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Meet the DEN: Tomika Altman-Lewis

This week, we’d like you to meet Tomika Altman-Lewis, a Skittles loving, Twilight Saga fan from Durham, North Carolina. Find out more in her Meet the DEN post.
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Did You Know: Educator Essentials

Whether you’re brand new to Discovery Education, looking for a refresher, or ready to recommit to digital integration, this curated content is essential to launching or continuing your Discovery Education journey.
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Be a leader: DEN Leadership Council

Do you want to contribute to the growth of the DEN Community and lead the movement towards purposeful digital integration? Be part of the DEN Leadership Council. Applications open until September 15.
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Get Started on the Home Depot Kids Workshop Extension Activity

Did your student build a football goal during this weekend's Kids Workshop? Keep the fun going by building a catapult that will hurl their football into the end goal and learn about propulsion with this extension activity! 
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#CelebrateWithDE – International Literacy Day

To celebrate International Literacy Day 2018, take some time with students to recognize the broad impact of literacy in their lives and how being literate enhances one’s life.
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Hot Topics: Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship presents unique opportunities and challenges for students to be safe and responsible members of the digital community. Discovery Education has tools, resources, and functions in a way that supports all facets of digital citizenship.
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Meet the DEN: Laudan Kirk

This week, we’d like you to meet Laudan Kirk, a world traveling, chocolate loving fan from Meridian, Idaho. Find out more in her Meet the DEN post.
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Did You Know? Resources for Student Exploration

Access resources for sharing Discovery Education with students, including ideas for exploring interests, research, organizing evidence, and communicating ideas.
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DEN Online Community: Explore

The DEN Community is here for you. Whether you’re searching for instructional ideas, interested in teacher-created resources, or connecting with other educators, there are lots of ways for you to get involved.
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#TryitTuesday: Four-to-One

With this instructional strategy, students consider four separate images in this and write a sentence about each one, then they convene to look for commonalities and create one sentence that incorporates all four images.
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Virtual Viewing Party: Constitution Day

Take the opportunity to highlight the history and evolution of the document that influences so much of our daily lives. Participate in this Virtual Viewing Party and the activities that accompany it with classrooms around the globe!
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Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our World – Brand NEW MS Nuclear Energy Program!

Designed to increase understanding of nuclear energy and nuclear technology applications, Navigating Nuclear provides educators with standards-aligned tools to dig deeper into the role of nuclear science in fields like power generation, medicine, space exploration, food preservation, and more!
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#CelebrateWithDE – Labor Day

Labor Day, officially signed into law by President Grover Cleveland in 1894, is celebrated each year on the first Monday in September. Help your students transition from summer to the school year by studying this holiday all about work!
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Hot Topics: College and Career Readiness

Discovery Education supports college and career readiness by providing students resources to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to succeed.
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Meet the DEN: Jay McKinney

This week, we’d like you to meet Jay McKinney, a shy, cross-fit active, detective series fan from Alexandria, LA. Find out more in his Meet the DEN post.
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Spotlight on Strategies: Packet Activity

Looking for ways to share SOS? Use this packet activity to introduce colleagues to Spotlight on Strategies – the research-based series of instructional strategies available in Discovery Education.
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Maximize Your DEN Experience

Not sure where to get started in the DEN Online Community? Take these steps to allow others to find and connect with you, engage in meaningful conversations about the topics that matter to you, and build your presence in the online community.
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#TryitTuesday: Vocabulary Quadrants

Students use the Frayer Map to represent their understanding of vocabulary words, supported by watching or reading media that includes the words.
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#CelebrateWithDE Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day occurs every year on August 26 in the United States to mark the adoption of the 19th Amendment in 1920. Join us as we mark the struggles and celebrate the successes of women as they have fought for equality in the U.S.
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How can “hello” change a life?

There are so many ways to start with hello this year! Join Sandy Hook Promise for Start With Hello Week Sept. 24 – 28 to build a culture of inclusion and connectedness and reduce the risk of bullying, violence, and social isolation in your school.
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Hot Topics: Language Learners

Discovery Education provides many supports for all types of learners—including English Language Learners—through the use of instructional strategies and the features of multimodal text and resources.
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NEW: Human rights education for tomorrow's activists

Introduce high school students to influential human rights defenders though powerful storytelling and interactive learning. Educate, engage and inspire the next generation of human rights defenders through these free, standards-aligned resources in partnership with RFK Human Rights.
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Meet the DEN: Kelli Recher

This week, we’d like you to meet Kelli Recher, a Law and Order addicted 5th/6th Grade Science Teacher from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Find out more in her Meet the DEN post.
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Did You Know? SOS-McREL Alignment

Our popular SOS instructional strategies are now aligned to McREL International’s 6-Phase Model of Learning. Check out the downloadable grid that shows all strategies by skill, media type, and learning goal.
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Online Learning Courses

Are you getting the most out of Discovery Education? Interactive, self-paced learning courses offer opportunities to maximize digital resources in your classroom.
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#CelebrateWithDE – National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day was established in 1939 by president Franklin D. Roosevelt to celebrate flight. Encourage your students to expand their interest in aviation by offering them free resources and activities that will deepen their understanding and let their imaginations soar!
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Hot Topics: STEM

Discovery Education Streaming provides content, instructional strategies, and digital tools that support STEM education and the P21 framework. Ask students to consider deep, real-world questions and collaborate with others to arrive at meaningful conclusions.
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#MotivationMonday Instructional Strategy: 4Cs

Students use the 4Cs (Connections, Challenges, Concepts, and Changes) to create a graphic organizer to support their thinking and responses to a piece of media.
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