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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers... You Truly Make a Difference

Throughout the world, day in and day out, teachers dedicate their lives to transforming the lives of others. Through incredibly hard work and an unexplainable kindness, teachers spark a love of learning in their students. They enable them to reach their full potential by encouraging curiosity and exploration.

At Discovery Education, we know how hard teachers work to make a difference in their students' lives. This is why we make sure that our annual celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week is as special for you as it can be.

Special Teacher Week Video Messages
from the Extended Discovery Family

Share Your Teacher Hero on Twitter with #DENLove

Download, Print, and Sign a Note to Thank a Teacher

Show your appreciation for a teacher with these appreciation certificates.

Top 10 Ways Discovery Education is Thanking Teachers in May

#10 Setting your students on course to explore their own interests in their Discovery Education accounts with 30 Minutes of Discovery.
#9 Jump starting your students' imagination on Take the DEN to Work Day which includes an exclusive
live session with author, illustrator, and creativity inspirer, Peter H. Reynolds. 

Friday, May 9 

Gather your students and join the Discovery Education team at the
top of each hour starting at 9:00AM ET.
  • 9:00AM ET: Would You Rather?... Patti Duncan 
  • 10:00AM ET: Story Time with Steve Steve Dembo 
  • 11:00AM ET: Try This at Home! Jannita Demian 
  • 12:00PM ET: Game on!  Hall Davidson 
  • 1:00PM ET: Make Your Mark and See Where It Takes You Peter H. Reynolds (View a special message from Peter  and his twin brother, Paul below.)

#8 Spotlighting our community members as they provide ongoing professional development and share best practices.
#7 Delivering great, impactful, relevant instructional materials in Discovery Education and sharing ideas for using them through the Spotlight on Strategies series.
#6 Recognizing excellence in education at events like the DENny Awards.
#5 Helping you network with other educators at in-person events such as DENapalooza and DEN Geocaching Day.
#4 Taking your students along on virtual field trips like these. Check out the special Teacher Week video message of appreciation from Dave and Ben of Pearl Valley Farms.

#3 Offering cool resources like Discovery Education STEM Camp that you can use at no-cost to support after-school or summer STEM learning.
#2 Helping you teach your students how to Make Stuff with Discovery Education.
#1 Encouraging you to share with other educators through the Discovery Educator Network with resources like the DEN Weekly Update, DEN blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.