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The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. Your DEN team is here to support you as you connect with others in the community.

Lance Rougeux  Lance Rougeux
 Vice President,
 Learning Communities
I work with the entire Discovery Educator Network team to help make sure we stay true to our mission of "connecting educators to their most valuable resource...each other." I have been with the DEN since we started in 2005. Prior to joining the DEN team I was a middle school teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. I currently teach vicariously through my wife, an amazing STAR Discovery Educator, and run a non-profit foundation focused on getting students to think about their futures.     
 Steve Dembo
 Community and
 Social Media

I oversee the DEN website, blogs, virtual events, and our social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. I also have the privledge of working with our LC Social Media and Blog teams throughout the year! Prior to working for Discovery, I taught kindergarten for several years and served as my school's Director of Technology.   Contact me about:
Virtual Events
Social Media
DEN Blogs

 Porter Palmer
 Global Community
I joined the Discovery Education family in 2006. As the Director of the DEN Global Community, my job is to listen closely to our community and help bring your ideas to fruition. Prior to joining Discovery Education, I worked with states to develop and implement assessments for students with disabilities. I taught special education in South Carolina for eight years and remain a passionate advocate for persons with disabilities.

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DEN Community
DEN Leadership Council
DEN Gurus
DEN Summer Institute
 Chad Lehmann
DEN Community
As DEN Community Manager, I help create and implement opportunities for DEN members to connect, collaborate, and share resources and ideas both in-person and virtually. I oversee the DEN STAR program and get the priviledge of working with others on the team to continue making the DEN an amazing educational community. Prior to joining Discovery Education, I was an elementary library media specialist and third grade teacher.
  Contact me about:
DEN STAR Program
DEN Weekly Update
DEN LC Events Team
DEN Community

Kyle Schutt
 Outreach & Curriculum
Since 2010 I've worked with educators throughout the country to help them better understand how technology and digital media can be used to support instruction, motivate students, and increase passion for learning. I continually foster relationships and community-building by hosting in-person and virtual events for the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). Lately, I've been brainstorming, creating, producing, and moderating many of Discovery Education’s virtual field trips and student focused events.
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DEN Community
Partner Programs
Virtual Events

 Jannita Demian
  DEN Urban
I have been with the DEN since its launch in 2005. Today, I host a variety of events for district administrators, educators, parents, and students to build community in large uban districts. I am passionate about encouraging participants to discover new and creative ways to re-engage today's learners and am always seeking new opportunities to keep educators connected and inspired. Prior to coming to Discovery Education I was a classroom teacher in Anaheim City School District.
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DEN Community
Urban Partnerships
SOS (Spotlight on Strategies)
DEN Connects
STAR Ambassador

Dean Shareski
Community Manager,

I build community in Canada working with all our Canadian partner districts. I also support the Global DEN team in various capacitites. I've taught for 14 years in the classroom, worked as a technology consultant for 10, and currently teach pre-service teachers as well.

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DEN Community

 Hall Davidson
Learning Initiatives
As Senior Director of Global Learning Initiatives, I get to go all over the country and sometimes all over the globe to work with teachers, administrators, districts, and regions that want to make the transition to digital. Since being part of the DEN's beginning, I have learned much from DEN members. Their work in the classroom is worth spreading and that is the fun part of my job. I try to repay that experience with workshops, ideas, and presentations.

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DEN Community
 Jeanette Edelstein
I am working to build a global student community, providing opportunities for students to use Discovery Education resources, get the most of their students accounts, and connect with DE and students and teachers around the world. I also create opportunities for students at Discovery Communications through internships and apprenticeships. Prior to joining Discovery Education I was a secondary English and humanities teacher in the Mapleton School District in Colorado.