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Community Stories

Founded in 2005 with a mission to connect educators to their most valuable resource, each other, the Discovery Education Community has connected more than two million educators.

Powerful Stories from the Community

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Meet Lindsay Foster

From a disastrous start to the school year to finding a way to inspire her community, Lindsay shares her journey to give back.

Meet the Badiners

The Badiners from Michigan talk about their various paths to become educators and how they value their learning community.

Meet Dave Tchozewski

A Michigan tech director who has been part of the Discovery Education Community for many years looks back at the impact and the journey over the years.

Meet RJ Stangerlin

Can a community save a life? This retired Pennsylvania teacher believes it saved hers.

Meet Lindsay Morhart

Watch how Lindsay, a school administrator, balances work and parenting and how her community provides support and new ideas for her students.

Meet Delsia Malone

When a principal goes looking for help and support, where does she find it? Find out how this Alabama educator makes it happen.

Meet Rodney Crouse

This is a story about data, perseverance, and support. Hear how Rodney makes a difference for his students.

Meet Phil Nottingham

Philip shares his experience and evolution as an educator and in finding how community works even with an ocean between.