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Embracing the Future, Today, with Digital Textbooks

Collier County Public Schools in Florida serves approximately 44,000 students. In an era of having to do “more with less,” while maintaining the level of excellence that Collier's parents have come to expect, the leadership within the district decided to make calculated steps towards the future by reinventing their science curriculum.

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Collier County Public Schools, FL

Watch this video and learn how Collier County administrators utilized Discovery Education services to improve instruction within their classrooms.


    The district identified three goals that they believed would help improve instruction within their classrooms and ultimately lead to improved student outcomes:
    • Support 21st-Century teaching and learning
    • Instruction through the inquiry method and project-based learning
    • Promotion of higher-order thinking and increased student performance


    The district worked with Discovery Education to implement a digital textbook for their science curriculum that included:

    Results—Improved FCAT Scores and Excited, Engaged Students

    Initial indications are that students, teachers, and administrators are excited by how students are embracing inquiry and project-based learning. They are proud that they are one of first districts in the country to successfully shift to delivering their science instruction through a fully digital program.
    Study Finds Link Between Discovery Education Science Techbook Series and Improved Student Achievement
    A research study conducted by independent research firm Merola Research, LLC reviewed results on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in science for fifth and eighth grade students in Collier County, Florida during the 2011-2012 school year.
    Key Findings of Research:
    • 4 point increase in average FCAT score at the 5th grade in classrooms with experienced teachers
    • 17 point increase in average FCAT score at the 8th grade in classrooms with experienced teachers
    • ELL students 66% more likely to score at a proficient or higher level on FCAT

    Collier County Partnership in the News

    No more pencils, no more books? Collier schools embrace the 'Techbook' Textbooks?
    That’s so 20th century. More and more, students, notably those in Collier County public schools, are ditching the printed textbook in favor of the modern equivalent, the Techbook, an online resource that provides a host of tools including videos, music, and spoken word along with traditional text. Read the full coverage.

    Read the Results

    Discovery Education Science Techbook™
    Leads to Gains
    Evidence shows that when educators in Collier County Public Schools used Discovery Education Science Techbook™ in their classrooms, students performed better on the science FCAT as compared to the students of educators who did not use Science Techbook.

    English-Language Learners Benefit
    from Techbook
    On average, English-language learners whose teachers used Discovery Education Science Techbook performed better on the Science FCAT than English language learner students whose teachers did not use Science Techbook.

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    What People Are Saying

    "After a thorough evaluation of a variety of textbook options, our instructional materials committee concluded that the Discovery Education Science Techbook was the resource best suited to meet the needs of our teachers and students in Collier County."

    Curt Witthoff
    Coordinator - K-12 Science & Environmental Education
    Collier County Public Schools 

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