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Helping Tennessee Educators Succeed through Integrated Classroom Solutions

The Monroe County School district's motto, "Education for Tomorrow - Today," affirms their commitment of providing sutdents with access to the highest quality educational resources to enable future success. Choosing the right partner is key to delivering on that vision.

Monroe County Schools, TN

Monroe County Schools, TN


    Educators within Monroe County Schools wanted to enhance their instruction with high-quality digital resources that engage digitally-native students. As a former Discovery Education Streaming subscriber, they understood the impact that digital resources can make in helping students better understand difficult concepts. Three years ago, they made the decision to replace Discovery Education with another educational streaming service as a way to save district funds. As educators attempted to implement the new service, they began to realize that the new service did not include comprehensive K-12 curricular resources, that access to resources was slow and inconsistent, and they were not receiving the level of support they were accustomed to.

    Solution—A Return to Discovery Education

    Teachers overwhelmingly made their preferences known after completing a survey that compared digital resource providers. The survey made the real value of Discovery Education clear as a comprehensive digital educational solution, connector to important assessment data and resources, and a provider of valuable customer support and reliable service.

    • Monroe found Discovery Education Streaming provided teacher-friendly digital resources that covered the entire K-12 curriculum.
    • Discovery Education Assessment data at the class and individual student level, connected with appropriate digital media resources, empowered classroom teachers to target instruction and help students comprehend difficult concepts.
    • Discovery Education helped the district optimize the service within their network through a Local Host solution.


    • After implementing the Local Host solution, network efficiency and reliability have increased teacher and administrator confidence in the system, resulting in increased usage — bene!ting all of Monroe County’s 5,500 students.
    • The combination of Discovery Education Streaming resources and Discovery Education Assessment allowed district educators to more effectively measure student pro!ciency. Monroe County Schools is excited they now have access to a comprehensive, reliable educational solution supported by a team dedicated to their success.

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    Download the executive summary and full case study for a closer look at Monroe's success.

    Monroe County Schools
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    What People Are Saying

    "...when we finally made the announcement to faculty and staff [to return to Discovery Education], there was so much clapping and yelling — you would have thought we won a ball game."

    Gary Sharp
    Director of Instructional Technology
    Monroe County Schools

    "We want to give teachers as many tools as possible to identify struggles that the students have, and to be able to address those struggles."

    Jessica Thomas
    Data and Instructional Technology Coach
    Monroe County Schools