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Developing Teacher-Leaders to 
Drive the Digital Transition

As the largest school system in North Carolina, Wake County Public School System serves 150,000 students across 169 schools. In order to accelerate and scale the district's digital transition, Wake County focused on equipping its teachers with a system of professional learning and leadership with Discovery Education Leader Corps.

Wake County Public Schools

Wake County Public School System, NC

Watch this two-part story and learn how Wake County administrators implemented Digital Leader Corps to drive digital transformation in their classrooms, and achieved success as a result.   


On the cusp of implementing Common Core state standards across the district, Wake County Public School System needed to determine the best way to scale professional development for its 11,000 teachers as it embarked on this digital journey.


In order to fully prepare Wake County Public School educators for this digital transformation, the district entered a three-year partnership with Discovery Education and implemented Digital Leader Corps, a customized system of professional learning that nurtures and develops teacher leaders who accelerate and scale a district's digital transition. 


In the first year of partnership with Discovery Education, Wake County educators shared real examples of how their classrooms have transformed into digital learning environments as a result of the tools and strategies gained from Digital Leader Corps training; a shift that has not only increased student engagement, but has also impacted teacher engagement as well.

After two years, the program is seeing results. Teachers are reporting an increased comfort level with Discovery Education products, and expanding their usage beyond the more traditional elements, such as video.

About Digital Leader Corps

Digital Leader Corps is a system for professional learning and leadership employed to fuel an innovative change movement, which is intentionally designed to:
  • Drive system transformation
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement
  • Support a shared leadership model
  • Maximize teachers’ impact on student learning
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What People Are Saying

"We recognize the importance of having teachers at the forefront of transformation and we must support our teacher leaders in gaining the necessary skills to best prepare our students to be globally competitive, 21st century citizens."

Dr. Todd Wirt
Assistant Superintendent of Academics
Wake County Public Schools, North Carolina

"We’ve been able to partner with Discovery Education to create unique situations that will support our needs the best.”

Beth Hodge
Director of Professional Learning
Wake County Public Schools, North Carolina


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