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STEM Leader Corps

Growing Leaders. Growing Capacity.

A system to scale professional learning and leadership.

STEM Leader Corps is a three-year system for professional learning and leadership intentionally designed to build and sustain a culture of STEM teaching and learning.

Building a Culture of STEM Teaching and Learning

What is STEM Learning

In a STEM learning environment, powerful critical thinking and exploration practices commonly used in science, technology, engineering and math classrooms will be drawn across disciplines and connected by a common or transdisciplinary theme, allowing students to:

  • Ask deep real world questions
  • Collaborate with their peers
  • Arrive at meaningful conclusions
  • Explore STEM careers

Growing Teachers and Administrators

STEM Leader Corps develops and nurtures teachers and administrators as they build a culture around STEM teaching and learning with a multi-dimensional solution that is sustained through:

  • A shared leadership model
  • Robust STEM professional development, ongoing job embedded coaching & administrative leadership support
  • Use of an exclusive STEM Instructional Progression
  • Development of a trandisciplinary curriculum

  •   3 Years
  •   5 Schools
  •   4 STEM Teacher Leaders per school
  •   1 or more Building Administrators per school
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    "The idea of transdisciplinary literally means beyond all the disciplines but connected to all the disciplines by a unifying issue
    or topic of inquiry."

    Basarab Nicolescu
    The Transdisciplinary Evolution of Learning

    STEM Leader Corps 3-Year Growth Plan

    Year 1


    The Student-Centered Classroom

    Building highly effective student-centered STEM environments through the development of teacher leadership skills tied to a schoolwide learning- lab culture.

    Year 2


    Project-Based Learning

    Creating high-quality STEM experiences in "MY" classroom through multiple forms of inquiry, including project-based learning.

    Year 3


    Trandisciplinary Teaching

    Developing deeper-learning instructional strategies while collaborating with grade- level teams for the creation of innovative transdisciplinary units.

    Create a Sustainable Capacity Building Model

    STEM Leader Corps is designed to create a sustainable capacity building environment that allows teachers and administrators to grow a culture of STEM teaching and learning.

    • Use the Plan-Check-Do-Act cycle to provide a continuous feedback loop and just-in-time support for teachers
    • Provide participants with many opportunities to build their confidence and practice their skills before transferring them to their peers.
    • Use multiple measures to evaluate progress, including the STEM Instructional Progression

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