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Science Techbook™

Inspiring the Scientist in Every Student and Teacher

Discovery Education Science Techbook is a breakthrough K-12 digital textbook that is changing the way students and teachers experience real world science phenomena. With an award-winning, impactful approach to K-12 science instruction, Science Techbook combines different types of media to explain and reinforce complex cross-cutting science concepts.

Discovery Education Science Techbook

Introducing the New Look Science Techbook

Science Techbook helps teachers grow their instructional practice with a simple-to-use, highly interactive, inquiry-based program. The features of this cross-cutting science resource work together to drive deeper student engagement and increase accessibility for all users.

New functionality and resources have made this breakthrough K-12 digital textbook even more intuitive and powerful for educators and students.

  • Standard-Aligned Content
  • 5E Learning Model
  • Real Time Student Data
  • Teacher Support
  • STEM Connections
  • Intuitive Universal Learning Design
  • Works on any device, anywhere, anytime in any instructional setting

Save teachers time in planning and preparation

From model lessons and assessments to interactive tools and accompanying hands-on lab activities, Science Techbook packages everything teachers need in one place – easy to find and ready to use.

Differentiate instruction easily

The Core Interactive Text feature blends text and media for students of different abilities and learning styles. Students can highlight, add sticky notes, and have the text read aloud. In high school courses, reading levels can be modified and text can also be viewed in Spanish at all grade levels. Real time data helps makes it easier to adjust instruction.

An extensive collection of Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) and online entry items are embedded in digital text to help teachers uncover what students already know. Student responses feed directly to the teacher dashboard, providing instant access to data about student knowledge.

STEM connections and resources woven throughout

STEM resources build context and drive understanding of science concepts, providing students with opportunities to produce creative solutions to real world problems and make career connections.

Teach using an inquiry-based approach

Science Techbook uses phenomena-driven questions as catalysts for the inquiry process, triggering students’ natural sense of curiosity and wonder. Students demonstrate their understanding of science through the application of scientific practices and disciplinary literacy skills.

Engage students first to make learning last

Videos, photographs, compelling stories, and a wide variety of activities and hands-on labs help students see and experience just how exciting Science can be. The multimedia content engages students immediately and gives them endless opportunities to experience the application and relevance of science in their daily lives. Plus they can monitor their own progress in real time with the Student Dashboard.

Easy to use, anywhere, 24/7

Functioning on the principle that all new knowledge is constructed from previous knowledge and experiences, the streamlined design provides an easy-to-follow experience, accessible from any device, in any instructional setting.

Our iPad app enables content to be downloaded and then accessed without an Internet connection, learn more at:
Science Techbook iPad Hold

Implementing NGSS?

Visit our NGSS page for information on our Science Techbook for NGSS.

What People are Saying

"We needed resources that were vetted, easy to use, and comprehensive. Science Techbook fit the bill. After two years, we have seen significant increases in science scores. Students using Science Techbook saw up to 11% gains in the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS)."

Barb Reinert
Prek-12 Curriculum Science Specialist
Scottsdale Unified School District, AZ

What Educators are Saying

"If you ask any of our Science teachers what is making a difference, they will automatically say Science Techbook. They know the content is tightly wrapped around standards. But what is key in Techbook is the level of engagement and ability to differentiate. Science Techbook is easy to use, interactive, and teacher and student-friendly. Teachers think the amount of content is outstanding!"

Dr. Crystal Hill
Exec. Dir, Elementary Education and Title I
Mooresville Graded School District, NC

Science Techbook Users Outperform Peers

At Rock Hill Schools in South Carolina, fourth- and seventh-grade students have excelled through their use of Discovery Education Science Techbook. Results from the district's research team, led by Dr. Harriet Jaworowski, show that students using Techbook scored higher on average in South Carolina's 2015 Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS) examination than their peers who were not taught with Techbook.

In Collier County Public Schools in Florida, the use of Science Techbook was a proven factor in increased FCAT scores. Read more here.

Explore Rock Hill's Success

Explore District Success

What Educators are Saying

"We are pleased to be seeing greater gains on state tests among our 4th and 7th grade students who use Science Techbook, especially students impacted by poverty and students with special needs."

Dr. Harriet Jaworowski
Associate Superintendent for Instruction and Accountability
Rock Hill Schools, SC

Meet the Science Team

Matthew Cwalina, Senior Director Digital Instruction Development

Matthew has over 17 years educational experience, serving as a middle school teacher, high school teacher, K-12 lead teacher, and Director of Curriculum and Instruction. He was also a member of the Critical Stakeholder Review Team for the Next Generation Science Standards.

Amy Gensemer, Director of Science Instruction

Amy has 16 years of educational experience in Science, Technology, and Engineering as a high school classroom teacher, department chair, district curriculum specialist and most recently supervisor for Science, Technology, and Engineering for the largest school system in Maryland. Prior to her supervisor position, she designed and delivered Professional development at that national level and has authored national STEM curriculum products.

Nikki Snyder, Content Specialist, K-12 Science Instruction

Nikki has over 12 years of experience in science education as a middle school and high school science classroom teacher, district curriculum writer, and professional development trainer in the largest school system in Maryland. In addition, she worked at the American Association for the Advancement of Science on their after-school standards-based science program, Kinetic City: Mission to Vearth. She holds a master’s degree in Chemical and Life Sciences.

David Marsland, Content Specialist, K-12 Science

David has 38 years of experience in science education as a 6-12 classroom teacher, department chair, district science advisor, curriculum specialist, and teacher trainer. He taught both students and teachers in the United Kingdom and Africa before becoming a Curriculum Developer and later a Director of Science Teacher Professional Development at the Smithsonian Institution.