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DEN Virtcon

Welcome to the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) VirtCon: Fall 2022

View the schedule and access zoom links below.

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM ET
Opening Session | Recording Coming Soon | Hear from the Discovery Education team about the exciting features and content coming to Discovery Education this fall. We’ll have some fun, celebrate successes, and reflect on the year so far!
7:05 PM – 7:45 PM ET
Foundations I, II, and III | Are you brand new to DE? Or, a veteran? Or, somewhere in between? Pick the session to best meets your comfort level of DE and dive into tricks and tips for maximizing DE in your classroom.

Foundations I | Recording
Presenter: Melissa Hampton
Are you new to Discovery Education or has it simply been a while and a refresher would be beneficial? Join us for a general overview of the Discovery Education Platform. We will review everything from basic navigation to searching capabilities to differentiation supports to ready to use activities. You will leave with ideas ready to implement immediately and all year!

Foundations II | Recording
Presenter: Brad Fountain
The Discovery Education team invites you to join us as we dig deep into Discovery Education and unveil ten things you didn’t know you could do to support your students with your FAVORITE learning platform!! Whether you have been using Discovery Education for years, are a first-time user looking for more than just the basics, or just curious to what you might be missing by not taking full advantage of Discovery Education in your district we welcome you to join us for a deep dive into content, strategies, activities, and tools you can use with your students tomorrow and throughout the year!

Foundations III | Recording (Recording Passcode: sh5RaK#U)
Presenter: Erica Kovacevic
Ready to take your Discovery Education expertise to the next level? Learn how to access and create engaging active learning experiences for students using Quiz and Studio. These creator tools provide interactive opportunities for students to share their learning in a variety of formats. This session will provide a quick overview of how to create Live, Video, and Standard Quizzes and Studio Board Activities with SOS Templates and multi-response question types. Quiz and Studio are the perfect tools to monitor student progress all year long.
7:50 PM – 8:30 PM ET
Community Sessions | Join a session lead by a fellow community member to hear practical ways to use Discovery Education in the classroom and engage students in their learning.

Personalized Learning in Discovery Education | Recording
Presenter: Renee Dawson
This session will show attendees how to create Personalized Learning activities such as choice boards and playlists in the Studio and find content to use from Discovery Education. Personalizing student learning doesn’t have to take a lot of time to plan with the resources available in Discovery Education!

Find Out What Can Happen When You Step Out of the Box Using DE Resources | Recording (Recording Passcode: 9?9$qugQ)
Presenters: Rita Mortenson & Lisette Venegas
We will show you what can happen when you step out of the box and use DE for more than just the videos. We will walk you through a specific example of how we engaged students (of all ages) and supported educators across sites.

Igniting Sparks With Discovery Education | Recording (Recording Passcode: 8!BknM.q) 
Presenter: Taushua Davis
Join us for a session on the ease of finding “sparks” for learning. Using DE to bridge prior knowledge with new learning.

Engaging Learners using Background Builders | Recording (Recording Passcode: bN1uR29^)
Presenter: Jennipher Eisenstein
Background Builders are a great way to reinforce the content being taught in the classroom. Did you know that these can be used as is or modified to meet the needs of the learners in your classroom and keep them engaged in the content throughout the lesson?

Did You Hear That? Podcasting in the Classroom | Recording (Recording Passcode: Rv93!4G*)
Presenter: Jen Hall
Students need to be creators of content not merely consumers. Gain ideas for bringing podcasting into your classroom. Explore how DE resources, SOS strategies, and Studio can be used to learn about, plan and create a podcast. The lesson ideas being shared are adaptable for all grade bands and subject areas.

Augmented Reality and Accessibility: The Power of Technology and AR in Student Success | Recording (Recording Passcode: $+.#1cl@)
Presenter: Zeny Ulloa
Today’s students have never known a world without internet and easy accessibility to information, games, consumer products, and social media. With this in mind, educators must instruct their students at their level of engagement and learning style in order to deliver meaningful lessons which students will remember, thrive and succeed with. With over 11.2 million or 20% of students in both elementary and secondary schools in the United States with learning and attention issues according to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, it makes sense to reach our learners with interactive engaging lessons which will ignite their attention, curiosity, and motivation. In my session participants will learn how to engage their students’ learning with easy to use Augmented Reality. Research studies have shown that using Augmented Reality in the classroom improves the students’ retention of information and academic performance in general, as well as increasing student engagement and learning motivation.

Incorporating Health and Wellness in the Classroom | Recording
Presenter: Jackie Kavege & Elizabeth Barlow
Join us for an in-depth discussion about the importance of empowering students with the factual information they need to make healthy decisions for themselves and their communities, especially as it relates to substance misuse. We’ll explore new tools from Dose of Knowledge, developed in partnership with CVS, and hear from a CVS pharmacist about the critical connections they make communities around the country to support conversations in the classroom.