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Discovery Education Curriculum Experts

Curriculum Team

  • Mr. Dale Fulton

    Chief Academic Officer, Discovery Education

    Over 38 years educational experience:

    -     Classroom teacher; high school department chair
    -     Foreign Language/English Supervisor
    -     Director of High School Instruction and Achievement
    -     Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction


  • Dr. Patricia A. Hagan

    Director Content Development, Discovery Education

    Over 30 years educational experience:

    -     Accomplished classroom teacher
    -     Department chair leading her colleagues implementation of 5E model
    -     District-level curriculum coordinator
    -     Educational consultant and national expert in implementing the 5E Instructional Model



  • Mr. William McDonald

    Director of Curriculum and Development, Science and Mathematics, Discovery Education

    Over 36 years educational experience:

    -     Elementary/Middle School Science, Mathematics and Technology Teacher
    -     Elementary Science Supervisor
    -     Principal Investigator, NSF Science 
    -     Systemic Reform Grant
    -     Director of Curriculum Development, K-12
    -     Director of Elementary Instruction and Achievement

  • Dr. Shanika Hope

    Senior Director, Curriculum and Instruction, Discovery Education

    Over 17 years educational experience:

    -     Classroom teacher and School Principal
    -     Assistant Superintendent (Curriculum and Instruction/Assessment)
    -     School Reform (High Schools and Urban Districts)
    -     Data Use and Practice in Schools

  • Dr. Carmen Arroyo

    Senior Director, Research and Data Analysis, Discovery Education

    Over 25 years educational research experience:

    -     National expert in evaluation of education initiatives and school-based health services
    -     Director of Research, US Department of Education National High School Center
    -     Principal Investigator, NSF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    -     Special Advisor for Research and Evaluation, US Department of Health/Human Services
    -     Director of Research Training, University of Maryland School of Medicine
    -     Fellow, Yale University, Edward Zigler Center in Child Development/Social Policy
    -     Assistant Professor of Social and Developmental Psychology, Williams College


  • Jenny Bradbury

    Director, Curriculum and Instructional Technology

    Over 15 years educational experience:

    -     Middle/High School Classroom Teacher
    -     Educational digital media producer for national broadcast organization
    -     Teacher certification assessment developer
    -     Expertise includes: media and technology integration and international education

  • David Marsland

    Content Specialist, K-12 Science Techbook

    34 years educational experience:

    -     Accomplished middle/high school science teacher and science department chair 
    -     District science specialist
    -     Principal Investigator, NSF and Department of Education grants
    -     Director of Science Teacher Professional Development, Smithsonian Institution
    -     Inquiry curriculum development specialist and published author

  • Kevin Jenkins

    Content Specialist, 6-12 Social Studies Techbook

    17 years educational experience:

    -     Classroom teacher, middle and high school Social Studies
    -     District-level Social Studies Curriculum specialist
    -     Content lead, Maryland High School Assessment
    -     Social Studies Specialist, Maryland State Department of Education

  • Daniel Byerly

    Director, Social Studies Techbook

    Over 9 years educational experience:

    -     Secondary school Social Studies teacher
    -     Social Studies Subject Area Supervisor: K - 12
    -     Director of Curriculum: Preschool - 12
    -     Member, State Common Core Task Force