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Discovery Education's Impact on Student Achievement

Research & Impact



Research Brief

Time Period:

2016 – 2022


Discovery Education Research & Analytics

Grade Level:



  • Discovery Education Experience
  • Science Techbook
  • Math Techbook

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Our award-winning K-12 platform, Discovery Education Experience, empowers educators with a vast collection of multimodal resources vetted and curated to support differentiated, scaffolded learning in any environment. Experience is built upon a theory of action about how best to enhance the K-12 teaching and learning experience. Based on this theory of action, Discovery Education produced a logic model that serves as a conceptual map for Experience.

Findings from multiple studies tell a consistent and promising story of how use of Discovery Education’s curricular resources is related to outcomes that matter across the country for students overall, and especially for racial/ethnic minorities and students impacted by poverty, disabilities, and limited English proficiency. Discovery Education access is, in fact, making a significant difference in teaching and learning.

Download the full research brief to learn more about how Discovery Education makes an impact on student achievement across multiple states and supports educators with innovative ways to connect and collaborate with one another.