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Closing the STEM Gap for Girls

Closing the STEM Gap for Girls

The need for STEM jobs is expected to grow by 11 percent through 2032, creating more than 1 million STEM occupations in the U.S. alone. With women making up only 34% of the STEM workforce, now is the time to identify and address barriers to STEM education for girls and young women.  

From female role models to adding the “A” to STEM, learn more about how gaps in STEM education are affecting girls’ ambitions and what school districts can do to overcome them. Because women should have greater participation and impact in the workplace so that future innovations are as diverse and dynamic as the society we live in.  

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Closing the STEM Gap for Girls

Effective solutions to overcoming barriers in STEM education

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Topics this whitepaper covers:

  • The need for female role models in STEM  
  • How STEAM can engage girls in STEM careers 
  • How to expand STEM opportunities for girls 
  • The role of technology in STEM education