Keeping You Connected to What Matters Most

During this spring thought leadership collaborative, we explored timely topics and challenges facing school systems today. Education leaders from around the country offered honest insights and practical strategies aimed at overcoming these challenges and keeping you focused on what matters most.

Topics Include:
  • Empowering Teachers
  • Accelerating Learning
  • Cultural Authenticity
  • Seamless Integration
  • Closing

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Empowering Teachers

The responsibilities of today’s educators are not for the faint of heart. With unexpected surprises at every turn, the continuity of engagement and equitable learning has never been more important, or challenging, to provide. Education leaders, and those they partner with, can help teachers meet this challenge by empowering them with meaningful resources, up-to-the-minute support, and ultimately, the confidence to take creative risks that drive engagement for all learners.

During this session, thought leaders share how they are cultivating a culture of trust and empowerment to ensure educators can engage all students in productive learning experiences.

Khristian Cooper Assistant Principal of Pebblebrook High School, Cobb County School District, Mableton, GA
Kelly Metcalfe Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Cobb County School District,
Mableton, GA
Justin Karkow Senior Director, Teaching & Learning,
Discovery Education

Accelerating Learning

Over the past year, educators have been focused on their students’ overall well-being and striving to evolve their practices to support students while challenges like engagement and remediation loom overhead. But as these issues have become more prevalent, so too have strategies and innovative approaches to accelerate learning.

During this session, district leaders discuss five key strategies to accelerate learning and keep students engaged and moving forward.

Matthew Woods Director of Student Support Services,
Henry County Public Schools, VA
Lance Rougeux Vice President of Learning Communities & Innovation, Discovery Education

Cultural Authenticity

To enable authentic, culturally responsive learning, students need opportunities for voice and agency. Learning experiences should validate and reflect the diversity, identities, and experiences of all students, so they can see themselves in the topics they explore and the problems they work to solve.

In this session, thought leaders from across the country discuss the critical need around cultural authentic instruction and resources in today’s classrooms. They explore how to drive deeper and more relevant learning connections with strategies that not only help students gain confidence and academic strength, but greater appreciation for multiculturalism.

Dr. Luvelle Brown Superintendent,
Ithaca City School District, NY
Susan Enfield Superintendent,
Highline Public Schools, WA
Dr. Jaime Aquino Senior Vice President, Learning Innovations & Partnerships, Discovery Education

Seamless Integration

Ensuring the continuity of learning for every student, in any environment, has presented a significant challenge this year for school systems large and small. Identifying resources that can not only meet the needs of educators and students, but also integrate seamlessly into existing logins, systems, and workflows is paramount.

During this session, watch an honest dialogue between a school system leader overseeing instructional technology and a chief product officer from Discovery Education, who talk about lessons learned and provide a real time strategy session around continuous access to engaging learning resources in schools, at home or any place in between.

Dr. Jeff Gorman Deputy Superintendent of Schools,
Mt. Vernon City School District, NY
Pete Weir Chief Product Officer,
Discovery Education
Ann Crilley Manager of User Education,
Discovery Education