New Ways to Support Literacy through Science

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Top-performing districts have a sharp focus on supporting literacy-building & reading skills during non-ELA core blocks of instruction like science. That means every science teacher needs easy ways to develop students’ background knowledge and build vocabulary and fluency with relevant cross-curricular and multimodal resources while still engaging their students and igniting their natural curiosity.

The Discovery Education Teaching & Learning team invites you to learn about the resources and enhanced functionality in your current award-winning Discovery Education Science Techbook that helps your teachers integrate literacy learning in the teaching of science!

Join Ted Willard, nationally recognized NGSS and three-dimensional learning authority, and DE’s Teaching & Learning Team to learn how schools are growing language comprehension skills, background building, differentiating & supporting every scientist, and applying evidence-based practices.

Discover how easy it is to support your science teachers and foster a love of both science and reading for your students.

Note: This session is designed for our current partners with Science Techbook, but any educator interested in how Discovery Education supports literacy in science are welcome to join!

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Ted Willard

Senior Subject Matter Expert, Science
Discovery Education

Before joining Discovery Education, Ted spent eight years as the in-house standards expert for the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA). In this role, he supported implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), other standards based on A Framework for K–12 Science Education, and three-dimensional learning. He is the author of The NSTA Atlas of the Three Dimensions and editor of The NSTA Quick-Reference Guide to the NGSS (NSTA Press, 2014). Before joining NSTA, Ted spent twelve years at Project 2061 for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), where he was responsible for the development of the Atlas of Science Literacy, Volume 2 (AAAS, 2007). Earlier in his career, Ted was a high school physics teacher. He has a degree in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Brad Fountain

Sr Director, Techbook Teaching & Learning
Discovery Education

Brad is a passionate educator with over 20 years of educational experience. He began his career teaching in a 3-5 multi-age classroom in rural North Carolina where he utilized some of the earliest educational internet based web resources. He launched one of the first technology based professional development programs in North Carolina in the early 2000's. He served as an administrator of the North Carolina Model School of Technology in 2003 where he moved the school to paperless workflow. Since joining Discovery Education, he helped launch the Discovery Educator Network and served on the front lines during the development of Discovery Education’s Techbook services.

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