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Discovery Education at TCEA 2024

February 3-7 | Austin, Texas

We loved bringing you sessions and activities that will inspire the way you teach.

Thank you for joining us at TCEA 2024! We hope enjoyed our unique sessions, practical strategies, and and hands-on experiences with our education solutions through our award-winning K-12 learning platform and our Science Techbook for Texas.

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Driving Real-World Exploration With Discovery Education

Interactive Discovery Education Sessions

5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Discovery Education

Hosted by: Andrea Arthur & Chelsea Murray

Dig deep into Discovery Education and unveil five things you didn’t know you could do to support your grades PK-12 students with your FAVORITE learning platform!!! Whether you have been using Discovery Education for years, are a first-time user looking for more than just the basics, or just curious to what you might be missing by not taking full advantage of Discovery Education we welcome you to join us for a deep dive into content, strategies, activities, and tools you can use with your students every day!

Put Me in Coach, I'm Ready to Read!

Hosted by: Discovery Education's Paula Taylor & Killeen ISD's Kimberly McClish

Looking for a new teammate you can trust will play alongside you with passion, grit, and consistency? AI can be the pinch hitter you”ve been waiting to recruit to your literacy team! Learn how one ISD has created a Reading Coach through Microsoft Teams” AI functionality to support literacy in the classroom! With digital resources such as Discovery Education”s reading passages and AI, teachers can hit a homerun daily with this powerful pairing.

Middle School Science Techbook for Texas: Discovery How Easy it is to Love Science

Hosted by: Evan Sanchez & Melissa Hampton

Welcome to Discovery Education’s Middle School Science Techbook for Texas – where students lead exciting investigations. This brand-new comprehensive core curriculum developed exclusively for the TEKS and ELPS motivates Texas students with exciting labs, interactives, videos, and hands-on activities that connect students to the outside world, awaken their curiosity, and drive active investigations. Join us for an overview of the new Science Techbook and discover how easy it is to love science!

Elementary School Science Techbook for Texas: Discovery How Easy it is to Love Science

Hosted by: Evan Sanchez & Melissa Hampton

Welcome to Discovery Education’s Elementary Science Techbook for Texas – where students lead exciting investigations every day. Discovery Education’s Science Techbook for Texas is a brand-new comprehensive core curriculum program developed exclusively for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). This new program motivates Texas students with exciting and engaging labs, interactives, videos, embedded Mystery Science lessons, and hands-on activities that connect students to the outside world outside the classroom, awaken their curiosity, and drive active investigations. Join us for an overview of the new Science Techbook for Texas and discover how easy it is to love science! 

Transforming High School Science Education with Pivot Interactives

Hosted by: Eric Friberg

Creating active engagement in your science classroom doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult, and you don’t have to settle for teaching science with traditional lab experiments alone. Discover how Pivot Interactives engages students, fosters critical thinking around phenomena, and aligns to the TEKS. Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your classroom and elevate the learning experience with Pivot Interactives. 

Can You Escape the Discovery Education Escape Room?

Hosted by: Discovery Education Partner Success Team

Escape rooms are games that ask groups to think critically, problem solve, troubleshoot, and work collaboratively to “escape” a room before the clock runs out. Teams follow clues and work together to solve puzzles that lead them toward a successful escape. Come join Discovery Education to unlock your daily learning platform for use in your classroom every day! 

Phenomenal Phenomena: Using Phenomena to Engage Students in Science

Hosted by: Melissa Hampton

What is Phenomena and what makes it engaging? By centering science education on phenomena that students are motivated to explain, the focus of learning shifts from learning about a topic to figuring out why or how something happens and connects that learning to the natural world. Explore example phenomena-based lessons as we share resources to get you started on building your own phenomena-based science lessons. 

Thread the Science Practices Throughout your Biology Course

Hosted by: Eric Friberg & Melissa Hampton

The science practices are at the fore of the TEKS. Join us to learn how Science Techbook and Pivot Interactives can be paired up to create a dynamic and engaging curriculum infused with the science practices.  

The DreamBox Impact: Discover it for Yourself

Hosted by: Debbie Thompson

This overview will take a deep dive into DreamBox math and reading products and how they can align with partners’ goals and outcomes. The DreamBox Impact will discuss how to leverage technology in accelerating learning for every student and expand staff capacity with DreamBox’s math and reading while fostering a culture of self-directed learning and personalized instruction at scale.

Ready to Lego and Think Critically with Mystery Science?

Hosted by: Paula Taylor & Logan Damoth

You’ve heard of the 4Cs, but have you met their nextdoor neighbor, the 4Ds?  Join Discovery Education as we share best practices for initiating Critical Thinking using the Lego Serious Play model through real-world problem solving inspired by Mystery Science.  Be ready to roll your sleeves up to build a model where you Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.

Who's Asking the Questions in Class? Strategies for Cultivating Curiosity and Discourse

Hosted by: Dr. Tim Hudson

At a time when AI and the Internet can provide instant answers, it’s more important than ever for students to understand how to ask good questions. Even though we want students to be curious, too many of them believe school is a place where they get answers to questions they’ve never asked. Learn what brain research tells us about the relationship between curiosity and engagement as well as how to observe, measure, and assess curiosity in practical ways.

Fabulous (Free) Library of Health, Wellness, and Drug Awareness Resources

Hosted by: Hall Davidson

Student well-being has never been more important. Foundations, agencies, and responsible companies funded great curriculum writers for targeted classroom materials with no-cost, high-quality resources. These include videos, classroom resources, powerful virtual field trips, and self-paced lessons. Get links to download a trove of free resources! There are materials for every grade band, and most have additional family or community components, many with alternative world languages.

Fabulous (Free) Virtual Field Trips and Resources for Careers

Hosted by: Hall Davidson

What will be the spark that ignites a student’s passion for a career? Did you know that global companies and foundations fund virtual field trips with supporting curricula? Many feature hands-on interactives, teacher PowerPoints, and standards-based alignments for grades 3-12. Take a deep dive into resources and leave ready to give students irreplaceable exposure to content and careers. They cannot BE what they cannot SEE. Offer them the chance to see things beyond their neighborhood.

We Hear Your SOS: Motivating & Inspiring Students with High Yield Instructional Strategies

Hosted by: Tammy Norman, Meredith Townley, & Andrea Arthur

Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) is a series of creative, research-based instructional strategies, presented by teachers for teachers. These strategies incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways across all grade levels and content areas. Learn how to use these with Discovery Education to discover high levels of engagement that your students will experience.

“We work with teachers to develop student ownership, flexible learning environments, innovative instruction, and integrated resources. Discovery Education is a valuable resource in all four of these guiding principles.”
Temple ISD Block T Globe
Digital Learning Coach | Temple ISD