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12 Days of Virtual Field Trips

Celebrate December With Some of Our Favorite Virtual Field Trips!

Need easy-to-use learning resources to keep December busy and fun? Use these Virtual Field Trips to let students play with polar bears, visit a genomics lab, explore cutting-edge technology, and moreā€”all without leaving the classroom! Virtual Field Trips are available on-demand and come with a companion guide packed with standards-aligned, hands-on learning activities that are ready to use!

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1 First Lady of the U.S. | City of U.S.
2 trucks mining | HAUL Interactive Learning Experience
3 Polar bears playing | Living with Polar Bears
4 teams of stem change makers | Winning with STEM Virtual Field Trip
5 breathtaking views | The Future is Now
6 sustainable happiness skills| Happiness in Action
7 sustainable footprints | Sustainable Futures Virtual Field Trip
8 cutting edge technologies | Genomics
9 stories of strength | Making a New Life: The Courage of a Refugee
10 ways to heart your heart | Heart Your Heart
11 tools for building | DIY Building with Home Depot
12 kinder words | Amazing Me Virtual Field Trip

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