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Explore Space with Discovery Education

With Discovery Education Science Techbook, students engage in action-packed journeys to make sense of space science phenomena and explore STEM careers as they hear from real scientists! Exciting, real-world content motivates them to ask important questions, plan investigations, and use evidence-based reasoning to support their claims. Discover the marvels of space today!
solar eclipse activity mock up right
explore space science techbook

Think Like Scientists with Science Techbook

Science Techbook invites students to explore the marvels of our world with an immersive phenomena-based core science curriculum designed to bring the excitement of science to life! See how Science Techbook supports your K-12 classrooms with relevant, phenomena-driven science instruction by trying a free activity for the upcoming solar eclipse!

explore space experience

Go Out of This World with Discovery Education Experience

Experience engages students with real-world content and multi-modal instruction—delivering a unified classroom experience that prepares learners for tomorrow. Find even more space content resources and insights into exciting STEM careers to supplement your core science curriculum!

Get Curious about Space with Discovery Education Resources