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Engaging New Content From the NBA, RFK Human Rights, and More Now Available in Discovery Education’s Award-Winning Digital Curriculum and Supplemental Services

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-High-Quality Digital Resources Part of Discovery Education’s Effort to Support Deeper Student Engagement and Improved Academic Achievement-

Silver Spring, MD (March 14, 2019) Discovery Education, the global leader in standards-based digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms, announced today the addition of a host of engaging new digital content to its award-winning Techbook and Streaming Plus services.  Among the new digital resources are:

  • NBA Resources: Discovery Education has partnered with the National Basketball Association (NBA) on a special content collection for Discovery Education Streaming Plus users in the United States and Canada. “Basketball and STEM: A Winning Combination” features footage and images from NBA archives, as well as resources on exciting STEM careers in basketball. The collection also showcases the recent All-Star Virtual Field Trip: STEM Careers in the NBA and accompanying instructional resources. During the VFT, students hear from NBA professionals about referee operations, digital content strategy and analytics, arena events and operations, and from NBA player Marvin Williams.
  • A Conversation on Human Rights: Discovery Education, the RFK Human Rights, and host Kerry Kennedy bring together established and rising human rights defenders for a conversation about civic engagement. Now available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Social Studies Techbook, this content presents five inspiring human rights defenders who share their stories and answer questions about what sparked their passion for community leadership and what “speaking truth to power” means to them.
  • Financial Literacy Interactives: New self-paced interactives from Discovery Education and Discover Financial Services empower high school students to take control of their financial futures, providing them with a toolkit to get started down the path to financial success. Available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus, each interactive addresses an important personal finance topic, from mobile banking to examining personal money habits.
  • Feels Like Groundhog Day: Discovery Education has added brand new content all about Groundhog Day to Discovery Education Streaming Plus, including a video about the infamous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, a Groundhog Day infographic highlighting the history of the tradition and historical images from Punxsutawney Phil’s proclamation at Gobbler’s Knob in Pennsylvania.
  • New Science and Math Videos Available in Spanish: More than 80 Spanish-language clips covering math and science topics are now available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus for students and educators worldwide. The animated clips produced by Discovery Education provide an engaging take on such topics as the immune system, viruses, the coordinate plane, measuring probability, cell theory, and photosynthesis.
  • What is Skunk Works®?: For more than 75 years, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works® has created revolutionary aircraft and technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. Now available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus, Science Techbook, and STEM Connect, an immersive Virtual Field Trip takes students to the Lockheed Martin Facility in Palmdale, California to explore the unique Skunk Works® approach to innovation and design, including examples of successful collaboration and teamwork on highly secretive projects.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automated Vehicles: Discovery Education Streaming Plus users can now take a ride into the future of mobility with the experts at Toyota Research Institute (TRI) in Ann Arbor, MI. The virtual field trip shows how TRI is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring safety, convenience, and comfort to our lives through automated vehicles and robotics.

“One of the hallmarks of Discovery Education’s digital curriculum and supplemental services is that they contain a tremendous variety of digital resources that I can use to personalize instruction,” said Lisette Venegas, an educator in Wisconsin’s Verona Area School District.  “I am excited to begin to integrate all this great new content into my classroom activities.”

Currently used by approximately 5.6 million students across all 50 states and Canada, Discovery Education’s award-winning Techbooks are fully interactive, comprehensive digital textbooks.  Updated regularly at no cost, Discovery Education’s ScienceMath, and Social Studies Techbooks provide educators a complete digital curriculum that includes detailed lesson plans, hands-on activities, digital simulations, and robust teacher supports that immerse students in instruction.  Discovery Education’s STEM Connect is a cutting-edge, web-based, interdisciplinary K-8 supplemental resource that helps students develop the creative, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills they need for success beyond graduation. Discovery Education Streaming Plus is an award-winning comprehensive digital service supplementing instruction across all K-12 curricular areas.

“Discovery Education is proud to collaborate with this incredible group of partners to present educators worldwide these powerful, new, high-quality digital resources,” said Discovery Education President of K-12 Education Scott Kinney.  “Educators know the first step to improved academic achievement is deepening student engagement in instruction.  The addition of this new digital content to our award-winning digital curriculum and supplemental services is part of Discovery Education’s ongoing effort to ensure educators have the exciting digital resources they need to engage all students in teaching and learning.”

For more information about Discovery Education’s digital curriculum and resources, visit, and stay connected with Discovery Education on social media through Facebook, follow us on Twitter at @DiscoveryEd, or find us on Instagram and Pinterest.


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