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An All-Star Virtual Field Trip

Stories have been used throughout history to help us connect, share, and understand the world we live in. Today, stories are told on an unprecedented scale, with images, videos, data, and social media reaching audiences across the globe. These stories connect people in ways never before possible, and evolving technology has given rise to new and exciting careers in storytelling. Join Discovery Education and the Jr. NBA for an exclusive NBA Storytellers All-Star Virtual Field Trip and meet the people who are sharing professional basketball’s most compelling narratives—from its powerful history, to its exciting present, to its inspiring future.

Watch with Your Class

During this 30-minute program, your students will go behind the scenes to meet these NBA storytellers, learn about their careers, and explore how they use creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication to capture the game like never before.

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Student Outcomes

This VFT will help students:

  • Explore exciting career pathways related to professional basketball and learn how NBA professionals use communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity every day.
  • Examine how the art of storytelling—visual, oral, digital, and data-driven—plays an important role in these careers.
  • Learn how technology and new media have impacted the way in which we tell stories in the modern era.
  • Learn about the past, present, and future of the NBA’s story.

Meet the NBA Storytellers

Ryan Arcidiacono

Point Guard/Shooting Guard, Chicago Bulls

Ryan will share how NBA players can be storytellers, who has been most influential in his story so far, and what important lessons he has learned along the way.

Michelle McComas

Senior Director of Entertainment and Events, Chicago Bulls

Michelle will talk about how she combined her three passions – dance, business, and basketball – into a career path and how perseverance and determination have impacted her life.

Luka Dukich

Director of Digital Content, Chicago Bulls

Luka will discuss the ever-changing digital landscape, the power of creative collaboration, and the importance of taking pride in the stories you put into the world.

Michelle Farsi

NBA Contract Photographer

Michelle will share how she turned her passion in to a career through determination and hard work, and the unique ways she tells stories from behind the lens.

Mike Callahan

Digital Product Management, NBA

Mike explain how the league uses data to innovate and inform the direction of the NBAs digital products to reach a global audience.

John Hareas

NBA Vice President of Editorial & Daily Content Management

John will discuss his 24-year career inspiring audiences as both a preserver of the NBA’s past and a content creator for its future.

Rosalyn Gold-Onwude

Broadcast Basketball Analyst

Rosalyn will talk about her storytelling career as a sports analyst and broadcaster and how she uses that to inspire young women to believe that anything is possible.

Virtual Field Trip Companion Guide

Everyone Has a Story to Share

Use this Companion Guide to explore concepts related to the Storytellers Virtual Field Trip (VFT). Educators may choose to complete one or all of these activities before, during, or after the VFT.

Download the Companion Guide

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