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DENapalooza - FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about DENapalooza events hosted by the Discovery Educator Network can be found below.


Frequently Asked Questions about DENapalooza Events

What is the cost?
Nothing! Zero! Yes, you read that correctly.

Who can attend?
Any DEN (Discovery Educator Network) Member. A DEN member is any user of a Discovery Education service. If your school subscribes to Discover Education Streaming or uses Techbook or any other service, this event is for you.

Will someone from Discovery Education be at the event?
Yes, at least one member of the DEN Team will be at each event. The main host of the event, however, will be a STAR Discovery Educator from the area.
So what exactly is DENapalooza?
DENapalooza is a full day professional development event organized by the Discovery Educator Network team with assistance from local DEN community members. The goal of the day is to provide educators with new skills to improve their use of technology in the classroom and increase the use of Discovery Education in the classroom. The day consists of formal presentations in the morning, lunch, and an unconference in the afternoon. The morning sessions will be set by the presenters. Some presenters are from the DEN Team and others are educators like you. The great thing about the unconference in the afternoon is that attendees drive the conversation and discussions. Those in attendance choose the topics they want to explore. The day is low key and provides a great networking, sharing, and learning environment.
What is the format/agenda?
The day will begin with a light breakfast following by a few opening remarks from the host. There will be morning presentations following the opening and then an opportunity to plan the unconference prior to lunch. Discovery will provide lunch on site and attendees can use this time to reflect on the morning, network, and enjoy the company of fellow DEN members. After lunch, the unconference will take place. There will be several options for attendees to choose from based on the schedule set up prior to lunch. The day will end with an appy hour, cool tool smackdown, or some other opportunity for attendees to share something fun.

What is an unconference?
An unconference is an event run by participants. Attendees set the agenda for what's discussed and lead the sessions. It's a loosely structured time emphasizing the exchange of information and ideas between participants. Here's a great resource that explains the unconference model.
Do I have to present?
No, but you can. If you have an idea for a formal presentation in the morning, submit your proposal here. If there's something you'd like to discuss during the unconference, feel free to bring it up during the unconference planning session. Educators sometimes feel as though they have nothing important to say. We disagree. You are an expert at something and are doing great things in your classroom. Share those ideas. 
What does a session look like?
They vary according to attendees. Think of several round table discussions where you are actively involved in the session not sitting and listening to someone else. The sessions at DENapalooza typically are about 50 minutes in length.
Do I have to be a techie?
The 2013 DENapalooza Tour was a huge success. The level of tech comfort attendees bring varies widely. The one thing everyone has in common is a willingness to learn. These events are for anyone that wants to spend their day thinking about, talking about, and learning about how to improve their educational practice and their use of Discovery Education.
What do I bring?
Your DENthusiasm, a device, and an attitude to network and share. Like any conference you should probably come prepared to take notes, how you do that will be up to you. We will be digging in and exploring ways to use digital media, so you'l probably want a laptop or tablet. Some folks bring both - that's okay too! WiFi access will be available at each location. 

Can I bring a colleague?
Yes! Please make sure you both are registered so we have an accurate count for breakfast/lunch. Don't forget to invite your administrators.
How do I get there?
Take a look at the map on your specific event page.

What if I register and can no longer attend?
DENapalooza is an exciting event and we expect there to be a waitng list. We'd like to be able to tlet antoher eager life-long-learner join in on the fun. If you find in advance that you are no longer able to attend, please contact us. We don't want to order breakfast/lunch for people who won't be attending. We understand that last minute emergencies happen. If you find yourself in that situation, it's okay.

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I love the DEN because it keeps me in the loop. There is so much that we can learn from one another, and I'm so grateful for all the folks who spend time enthusiastically sharing what they have learned or tried and had success with - so that other educators and their students can benefit, as well. I enjoy the conversations in the chat during webinars, and the face-to-face conferences that I've attended have been joyous experiences.

Carolyn Stanley

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